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As an Undergraduate Studies student, you are expected to be an active participant in the major exploration process. Our goal is to assist you with your transition to the University and to help you choose an academic major consistent with your abilities and career aspirations. The clock is ticking and you must begin the exploration process now to be ready to make an informed decision before you have earned 60 credit hours.

Set aside some time each week to reflect on the process but don't obsess about it. Your major will NOT come to you in a dream or overnight. Keep a notebook about your journey through the process, talk to people about their journey and how they got into their job, and develop a sense of perspective - you are not the first person to be undecided.

Most importantly, think about how you make decisions and do you normally choose the first thing that comes to mind OR do you take time and gather information to make an informed decision.

Helpful Links

Here are some things you can do to start the exploration process:

1. What interests you
Have you taken an interest inventory? You can meet with a career counselor and your academic advisor to discuss the process and determine your next steps

2. Your talents
Explore a rich, diverse course schedule each semester. Sometimes the best way to choose a major is to take a class and see if you like it. Think about things you are good at and ask yourself - Do I like to work inside or outside? Do I like to work with people or things?

3. Your values
Talk to your family and think about the traits you have inherited. Determine the type of work environment you want and review the major sheets for the fields you are considering. Talk with your friends about their majors and speak with faculty and advisors in the major.

4. How to match these with a career
Register with the Career Center and speak with a career counselor to determine the job prospects for the field you are considering. Take advantage of career fairs, workshops and utilize the career library.

5. Try the Catwalk
The Catwalk will give you a different perspective on how to approach finding your major and incorporates all of the information listed above.

> Visit the Catwalk


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