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Choosing a Pre-Med Major

"Unbeknownst to many college students, there is no such this as the 'best' major for those bound for medical school. In fact, no medical school requires a specific major of its applicants. That's because admissions committee members know that students develop the essential skills of acquiring and synthesizing information through a wide variety of academic disciplines and therefore should be free to select whichever majors they find interesting and challenging. Even so, many premedical students choose to major in a scientific discipline. If that's the direction you're heading, and you're doing so because you're fascinated by science and believe that such a major will be the foundation for a variety of career options, great. If you're doing so because you believe it will enhance your chances for admission, think again. Admissions committee welcome students whose intellectual curiosity leads them to a wide-variety of disciplines. And won't necessarily be at a disadvantage if you choose to major in English, for example, rather than biology. Using just one measure, those of MCAT scores, you may be surprised to learn that there is very little difference in median total scores among those who major in the humanities, social sciences, and biological sciences."

-- From Medical School Admission Requirements 2011-2012, published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, p.10

University of Kentucky students with a broad range of majors have been successful in the medical school admissions process.

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