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National Student Exchange

Application Process

Carefully complete the application! Please note that you must have attended an information session or meet with the NSE coordinator to submit an application. Contact NSE Coordinator Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr. before submitting a completed application

  1. Most of the first page is biographical information needed for our records which will tell us how we can contact you.

  2. On the second page you are asked about the period of exchange you desire. If there is a possibility that you will stay for the full academic year, you should indicate that. It is often impossible to extend an exchange into another semester if it was not requested at the time of placement.

  3. You have been given five lines to list possible exchange sites in priority order. Feel free to attach a sheet of additional choices, but DO NOT list any campus that you would not attend if placed there. While we will try to place you at your first choice campus, we cannot guarantee it and you may be placed at an alternative choice school.

  4. Make sure that you list the names and telephone numbers of people from whom you request references. You should maintain contact with the NSE Coordinator regarding the status of your references so that you can ensure that they arrive by the application deadline.

  5. We would like your family to be involved with your exchange. Where applicable, a reference letter from your parents or other relative that highlights your personal development would be welcome.

  6. Be specific and thorough when completing the Program of Study Statement. It is your chance to tell us exactly what you want to accomplish on the exchange both academically and personally. Notice that it requires the signature of your Academic Advisor.

  7. As part of your application a $150.00 non-refundable application fee is required and will be placed on your UK account.

  8. All application materials, including references, program of study statement, and application fee, must be turned in to the NSE Coordinator by Thursday, January 29, 2015 to be considered first for the 2015-2016 exchange year. After this date, please contact Tourgeé D. Simpson, Jr. to discuss other options


NSE Links

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>> Application Process and NSE Forms

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>> Contact

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NSE Forms

Application for Exchange [.docx]

Complete Applications:
The NSE Coordiantor will go over your application with you on an appointment basis ONLY. Please contact the NSE Coordinator in Undergraduate Studies to schedule an appointment. If you leave your application to be reviewed later, make sure it is complete.

All application materials, including references, program of study statement, and application fee, must be turned in to the NSE Coordinator by February 18, 2014 to be considered first for the 2014-2015 exchange year. After this date, please contact Tourgee Simpson to discuss other options

Refund Policy: No application refunds are given regardless of whether you are placed, accept a placement, or are satisfied with your placement.

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