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Undergraduate Studies Student Spotlight

Photo of Allie DeckerAllie Decker

The University of Kentucky was one of my top choices throughout high school. As a Governor's Scholars Alumna, I was further encouraged to remain in state for college and decided to do so at UK. I also knew that wherever I did end up for college that I would be enrolled as undeclared, and UK's Undergraduate Studies program quickly drew me in. UK's Undergraduate Studies program, instead of making me feel like I had no direction or future as an undecided freshman, made me feel like I was at the utmost advantage, free to explore and experiment; my future bright and bursting with possibility. My advisor in Undergraduate Studies was incredible, always ready with a listening ear and sound advice. He gladly came alongside me as I explored all of my options as a freshman in college, fully supportive when I finally settled on the majors that I wanted. Undergraduate Studies is the sole reason I consider my freshman year a success. I only wish every freshman entered college with the support, direction, and encouragement I found as a student in Undergraduate Studies.

Never consider yourself at a disadvantage for not knowing how you want to spend the rest of your life; you are instead some of the luckiest students on campus! You get to start college with open and clear minds, not confined to one major or certain classes, but instead free to explore everything UK offers while simultaneously completing Core credits; ultimately discovering a major you love, a career you'll come to barely regard as work simply because you love what you do. The best part of this? You get to discover more about what you want and more about who you are while you are a student in Undergraduate Studies, surrounded by some of the best advisors and ambassadors the University of Kentucky has to offer. Consider yourselves at an advantage, fellow Undergraduate Studies student!



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