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Cabinet Members

Agriculture, College of
     Name:  Brooke Stone
     Department:  College of Agriculture
     Address:  104 Ag Science North
                      CAMPUS 0091
     Phone:  257-7249


Agriculture, Human Environmental Sciences

     Name: Darlene Tipton

     Department: Family and Consumer Sciences

     Address:  102C Erikson Hall

                     CAMPUS 0050

     Phone: 257-3877


Arts and Sciences, College of
     Name:  Debbie Burton
     Department:  Dean's Office
     Address:  213 Patterson Office Tower
                      CAMPUS 0027
     Phone:  257-5821

     Name: Currently Not Assigned
     Address:  Joe Craft Center
                      CAMPUS 0604

Auxiliary Services, Facilities
     Name: Deborah Baker
     Department:  University Housing
     Address:  218 Service Building
                      CAMPUS 0005
     Phone:  257-2042 x221

Business and Economics, College of
     Name:  Donna Ballos
     Department:  Graduate Center Business and Economics
     Address:  237 Business and Economics Building
                     CAMPUS 0034
     Phone:  257-3592

Campus Serivces
     Name: Chrissie Balding-Tune
     Department:  Parking and Transportation Services
     Address:  PKS # 5
                     CAMPUS 0202
     Phone:  257-3512

Communications and Info Studies, College of
     Name:  Erin Berger
     Department:  Communications and Info. Studies
     Address:  308A Little Library Building
                      CAMPUS 0224
     Phone:  257-8846

     Name:  Kristina Dills
     Department:  Office of the Controller
     Address:  301 Peterson Service Building
                      CAMPUS 0005
     Phone:  257-4758

Dentistry, College of
     Name: Clem Stambaugh
     Department:  Dental Oral Health Practice
     Address:  D632 Dental Science Building
                     CAMPUS 0297
     Phone:  323-5996


Education, College of
     Name:  Julie Cleary
     Department:  Field Experience/School Collaboration
     Address:  104 Taylor Ed
                     CAMPUS 0001
     Phone:  257-7974

Engineering, College of
     Name:  Robyn Morefield
     Department:  Dean's Office, Engineering
     Address: 351 Ralph G. Anderson Building
                     CAMPUS 0503
     Phone:  257-1687

University Relations
     Name:  Lori Mobley Suthon
     Department:  University Relations
     Address:  213 Main Building
                     CAMPUS 0032
     Phone:  257-2529

Facilities, Physical Plant Division-Med Center
     Name:  Jay Bazzell
     Department:  MC Physical Plant
     Address:  127 Kelly Building
                     CAMPUS 0075
     Phone:  323-0633

Facilities, Capital Project Management
     Name:  Tara Tecau
     Department:  Capital Project Management
     Address:  222 Service Building
                      CAMPUS 0005
     Phone:  257-5911 x235

Facilities, Physical Plant Division-Campus
     Name:  Nick Arnold
     Department:  Physical Plant -CAMPUS
     Address:  IRIS Building, 630 S. Broadway
                      CAMPUS 0564
     Phone:  257-6223

Fine Arts, College of
     Name:  Deborah Borrowdale Cox
     Department: Art Museum
     Address:  116 SCFA
                      CAMPUS 0241
     Phone:  257-6199

Graduate School

     Name:  Cleo Price

     Department: Graduate School

     Address:  106 Gillis Building - Campus 0033

     Phone: 257-2411


Health Sciences, College of
     Name:  Marie Poole
     Department:  Dean's Office
     Address:  123 Wethington Building
                      CAMPUS 0200
     Phone:  323-1100 x80480

Hospital - UKHealthcare including Good Samaritan Hospital
     Name  Gloria Tyler
     Department:  Hospital Administration
     Address:  N106 Chandler Medical Center
                      CAMPUS 0293
     Phone:  323-5470


Human Resources

     Name:  Jamie Stephens

     Department:  Training and Development

     Address:  123 Scovell Hall

                     CAMPUS 0064

      Phone:  257-9452



Information Systems

     Name:   Ashley Tabb

     Department:  IT Planning, Admin and Finance

     Address:  122 Hardymon Building

                    CAMPUS 0495

     Phone: 218-0304



Institutional Diversity

    Name:  Valerie Rister

    Department:  Institutional Diversity

    Address:  311 Main Building

                      CAMPUS  0032

    Phone:  257-9293


Law, College of

    Area:  Jason Souders

    Department:  Law

    Address:  209 Law Building

                      CAMPUS 0048

    Phone:  257-1678



    Name:  Paul Hickner

    Department:  Library Administration

    Address:  106 Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library

                      CAMPUS 0224

    Phone:  257-4104


Medicine, College of

    Name: Fay McClain

    Department:  Dean's Office, COM

    Address:  138 Leader Ave.

                      CAMPUS 9983



Nursing, College of

    Name:  Amy DelRe

    Department:  Nursing

    Address:  202 CON

                     CAMPUS 0232

    Phone:  323-7581


Pharmacy, College of

    Name: Kendra Harvye

    Department: Pharmacy Dean's Office

    Address: 214 Biological Pharm Comples

                     CAMPUS  0596

    Phone:  257-7601


President's Area

    Name:  Dora Collins

    Department:  President's Office

    Address:  101 Main Building

                      CAMPUS 0032

    Phone:  257-1701



Provost Area

    Name:  Chloe Tiberi

    Department:  Provost Office

    Address:  105 Main Building

                      CAMPUS 0032

    Phone:  257-2911


Public Health, College of

    Name: Margaret McGladrey

    Department:  Health Behavior

    Address:  111 Public Health Building

                      CAMPUS 0003

    Phone:  218-2023


Reserach, EVP

    Name:  Annette Evans

    Department:  EVP Research

    Address:  311 Main Building

                      CAMPUS 0032

    Phone:  257-1663


Social Work, College of

    Name:  Currently Not Assigned

    Department:  College of Social Work

    Address:  653 Patterson Office Tower

                      CAMPUS 0027



Student Affairs

    Name:  Larry Crouch

    Department: Student Affairs

    Address:  112A Frazee Hall

                      CAMPUS 0031

    Phone:  257-5216


Student Services

    Name:   Matthew Deffendall

    Department: Undergraduate Education

    Address:  217 Funkhouser Building

                     CAMPUS  0054

    Phone:  257-1925


Enrollment Management

    Name: Nathan Rice

    Department: Admissions/Registrar

    Address: 100K Funkhouser Bldg.

                     CAMPUS  0054

    Phone:  257-2000


2013 UKUW Campaign Leadership:

Bob Wiseman,  VP Facilities

    UKUW Chair, 2013

    225 Peterson Service Building

    CAMPUS 0005

Julie Phillips

   UKUW Auditor

   101 Mathews Building

   CAMPUS 0047

Lori Mobley Suthon

  UKUW Campus Campaign Coordinator

  213 Main Building

  CAMPUS 0032