Veterans Benefits


2 Erikson Hall
Phone: (859) 257-1148

Please send questions to: Amy Southwood.

Federal and state benefit programs for veterans and eligible dependents are coordinated through Veteran Services, located in 2 Erikson Hall. If you need to contact us by phone, please call: (859) 257-1148. It is important to remember that the university does not determine eligibility for benefits. Our role is to assist you in utilizing your benefits once awarded by the VA.

Veterans or eligible dependents should report to the Veteran Services office during priority registration or on the Advising Conference date and pick up information about enrolling for benefits.

Students who have already applied for federal or state benefit programs should bring certificates showing entitlement or eligibility. It should be noted that VA benefits are not always received in a timely manner and that students should plan accordingly prior to arrival at campus. Having two month’s rent saved is recommended.

Students who depend on these benefits to meet their living expenses should bring enough money to cover expenses for at least eight weeks while the first benefit check is processed.

For further information on V.A. educational benefit programs, contact:

Currently Enrolled UK Students

In order to receive your Veterans Affairs benefits for the term, you will need to complete the following actions as indicated below:

  • V.A. Benefits Request Form (PDF)
    This form is supplied to the VA representative in Room 10 Funkhouser Building who is responsible to insure the coursework will count toward the student's degree program.
  • Change of Program
    This form (PDF) must be completed if the student changes . This is to insure verification is submitted properly and timely.

KDVA Tuition Waiter Program

Under the provisions of KRS 164.505 and 164.515 certain children of Kentucky veterans are eligible for assistance from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All persons eligible under this program must meet admissions requirements and submit all necessary documents establishing eligibility under the program to the:

Veterans Resource Center
2 Erikson Hall
Phone: (859) 257-1148

For additional information on the provisions of KRS 164.505 and .515, contact:

Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA) at
(502) 595-4447
(800) 928-4012

Veteran Success on Campus (VSOC)

The University of Kentucky is one of only two campuses in the state participating in the VA’s VSOC program. This program provides a VA benefits counselor on campus. We share this invaluable resource with the Bluegrass Community and Technical College in order to serve a larger population of student veterans. The VSOC counselor can be found in the Veterans Resource Center.

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