Evaluation of Military Credit

UK on campus Students

Military Credit is awarded following the procedures below:

I. Procedures

  1. The student must submit a letter requesting evaluation, along with the necessary supportive documentation, to the Office of Admission.
  2. The letter should specify the types of educational experiences the student wishes to have evaluated.
    1. Military Schools should be listed by:
      • Name of school
      • Location
      • Name of course
      • Length of course in weeks
      • Date course began
      • Date course completed
      • Final mark and/or standing in class
    2. Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) should be listed by:
      • Complete MOS designation
      • MOS Title
      • Period of time MOS was held as a primary duty assignment
      • How MOS was awarded (School Attendance, OJT, etc.)
      • MOS evaluation score and date of evaluation

II. Documentation

  1. Official documentation is necessary to support the awarding of any credit based on military service. The supportive documentation required is as follows:
    1. Computerized transcript from the Army/American Council on Education Registry (request forms are available in the Office of Admission)
    2. Copies of Course Completion Certificates
    3. Enlisted Evaluation Data Report reflecting competency in any MOS submitted for evaluation
    4. DD Form 214 (Report of Transfer or Discharge) if no longer on Active Duty
UK on campus Students

B. Required documentation may be obtained as follows:

  1. Active Duty Personnel: Custodian of individual's personnel records, Military installation to which assigned
  2. Retired Army Personnel or Reserve Personnel:
    • US Army Reserve Component and Administration Center (TAGO)
      9700 Page Boulevard
      St. Louis, Missouri 63132
  3. Discharged Personnel (Veterans):
    • General Services Administration
      National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records)
      9700 Page Boulevard
      St. Louis, Missouri 63132
  4. Discharged Personnel Now Members of Army National Guard:
    • National Guard unit to which assigned

III. Awarding of Credit

Credit is evaluated using the ACE Guide for evaluation of military credit (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard). ACE guide recommends hours to be awarded based on the length and content of each course. Evaluations are typed on appropriate form.

  1. Credit will be awarded on the student's official academic transcript.
  2. No credit will be awarded based on a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) which has not been held as a primary duty assignment for a minimum duration of one (1) year or more.
  3. Copies of the Evaluation are forwarded to the college dean's office and to Student Records Office.
  4. One copy of the evaluation is maintained in the Office of Admission "Military Credit Evaluation" file.
  5. Each college determines how awarded hours may be used in the degree program.
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