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Veteran Scholarships

Once a veteran gets over the anxiety of transitioning and fitting in on a college campus, the real issues start to emerge. One of the biggest is the costs associated with day to day living. Most veterans enter college with far more financial obligations than their traditional classmates, and paying those can be difficult. The VRC is looking for your support in the form of contributions to our scholarship fund. We would like to be in a position to award $500 scholarships to our most needy veterans to assist them.

New York International Fringe Festival

The VRC is currently raising funds to help with the costs of getting 20 college students to NYC for 20 days to attend the New York International Fringe Festival's production of the play "Bringing It Home: Voices of Student Veterans." The play's script is taken directly from the interviews conducted with the Combat to Kentucky oral history project. Find out more at:

Veterans Day

The next big event for the Veterans Resource Center is of course Veterans Day! Last year was UK’s first formal recognition of the day in several years and this year we plan on making it even better. Your contributions to this event will help us to do just that. Just click on the Event Sponsorship link and then choose other on your Gift Information drop-down menu and type in VRC – Veterans Day Event. Thank you.


The University of Kentucky Military Veterans of America represent the student veteran population here on campus and are a tremendous asset to the VRC. It is their voice and their passions that drive the efforts of the entire Veterans Resource Team, and we appreciate them very much. Any contributions made to this organization will go directly to the students. They have operational costs such as printing that add up quickly and are not covered by the university. Any amount given will be appreciated by all.

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