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Floyds Fork Drainage Biological and Water Quality Investigation for Stream Use Designation

This report was approved for release by the Biological Section of the Kentucky Division of Water as Technical Report No. 3 in December 1986.

A biological and water quality investigation of the Floyds Fork drainage was conducted in November, 1981 to determine the existing water quality, aquatic uses currently being achieved, causes of impairments of aquatic uses and what aquatic uses could be attained based on the physiochemical and biological characteristics of the system.Of the 164 miles of the Floyds Fork system listed on the United States Geological Survey's hydrologic map, 51 miles of the Floyds Fork system was not supporting designated uses, 77 miles were considered to be partially supporting uses and 12 miles were unknown.The basin contains substantial, diverse warmwater aquatic habitat as reflected by the aquatic flora and fauna.However, the aquatic biota had been adversely impacted in Chenoweth Run (segment 26) and in areas downstream of its confluence with mainstem Floyds Fork.The primary impact to the basin was the discharge of wastewater effluents (103 point source discharges).Agriculture and urban runoff were secondary impacts to the drainage.Kentucky Surface Water Standards were violated for dissolved oxygen, pH, phthalate esters, cadmium, aluminum, iron, mercury, and hydrogen sulfide.It was recommended that Floyds Fork and its tributaries be classified under 401 KAR 5:031, Section 4 (1) for aquatic life/warmwater aquatic habitat and Segment 6 for recreational waters/primary and secondary contact recreation and the criteria in these sections be applied throughout the segment without modification.These uses were occurring, or were attainable with the application of appropriate point source pollution control technologies.It was anticipated that non-point sources would not affect the attainability of these uses.No surface withdrawals for domestic water supply were occurring in the drainage.

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