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Water Quality Study of Floyds Fork (December 1991)

The Kentucky Division of Water conducted a water quality survey of Floyds Fork from July 24 through 27, 1991 to determine dissolved oxygen and streamflow levels during hot summertime weather conditions and low flows. Wastewater discharges and water withdrawals were documented.Water quality was sampled at 17 locations during low flow conditions. At least 13 miles of Floyds Fork below the Oldham/Shelby County line did not meet Kentucky's criteria for dissolved oxygen (daily average at least 5.0 mg/L with no instantaneous levels below 4.0 mg/L). Other areas of Floyds Fork exhibited problems with algal blooms in quiescent pools. DO violations were primarily the result of discharge from wastewater treatment plants and reductions in stream flow caused by water withdrawals. The QUAL2E-U model was used for calculating in-stream DO and ammonia concentrations. Modeling of the section between mile 45.7 (Highway 362) and mile 32.8 (Fisherville) indicated a steady flow of 2.0 cfs was needed to maintain a DO concentration of 5.0 mg/L. This amount would not consistently be available in this section of Floyds Fork even without water withdrawals. The modeling showed that Floyds Fork experiences reductions and some violations of DO below large tributaries with significant wastewater flows (below lower Chenoweth Run, Cedar Creek, and Brooks Run), but modeling of other tributaries did not indicate DO violations. In addition to wasterwater inputs, soil erosion and urban runoff can contribute to problems. Soil erosion from poorly managed construction activities can cause excess siltation in streams, and excess fertilization and chemical applications to lawns, golf courses, and other areas can cause nutrient enrichment problems. The Division supports the regional wastewater plans being developed for Oldham and Bullitt Counties.

[1991 KDOW Water Quality Study of Floyds Fork]

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