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Floyds Fork Action Plan (February 1994)

This comprehensive plan outlined the future of sanitary sewer service for the Floyds Fork watershed service area and provided, on a priority basis, sewer service for new developments. The purpose of the Floyds Fork Action Plan (February 1994) was to develop an implementable work plan for providing sanitary sewer service and treatment facilities in the Floyds Fork service area. The plan was the first phase in the provision of sewer service and was used as a guide for planning and expansion of future sewer service in the Floyds Fork area. The Action Plan determined the area to be included in the Floyds Fork WQTC sewer service area, as well as the recommended schedule for providing sanitary sewer service to the service area over the next 20 years. The Action Plan provides two recommended alternatives; the North Alternative, which is the Floyds Fork WQTC service area, and the South Alternative, which is the Cedar Creek WQTC service area. Recommendations for the North Alternative include the elimination of several existing small package treatment plants in the service area and consolidation of wastewater treatment at a centralized Floyds Fork WQTC.


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