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Healthy Watershed land use Initiative handbook



Tony Arnold

Expertise: environmental regulation of land use, water and property
Email: tony.arnold@louisville.edu
Phone: 502-852-6388
Website: http://www.law.louisville.edu/faculty/tony_arnold

Russell Barnett

Expertise: KIESD director
Email: Russell.barnett@louisville.edu
Phone: 502-852-1851
Website: http://www.floydsfork.org/cr/cr_barnett.htm

Art Parola

Expertise: Stream Institute director
Email: A0paro01@louisville.edu
Phone: 502-852-4599
Website: https://louisville.edu/speed/civil/faculty/parola.html ; http://louisville.edu/speed/research/centers-and-labs/stream-institute.html

Tom Rockaway

Expertise: Center for Infrastructure Research director
Email: tom.rockaway@louisville.edu
Phone: 502-852-3272
Website: https://louisville.edu/speed/civil/faculty/rockaway.html ; http://louisville.edu/speed/research/centers-and-labs/center-for-infrastructure-research.html


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