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The UK PRIDE Assessment Project began in April of 2000 as part of a contract with PRIDE and the UK Kentucky Water Research Institute, and has been formulated to:

1) Assess the impact of existing and proposed PRIDE water quality projects on regional water quality and aquatic habitat, with a specific focus on pathogen and nutrient impacts.

2) Provide a scientific mechanism for prioritizing and targeting subsequent PRIDE funds to yield the greatest environmental impact while maintaining a regional diversification of projects.

This site has been developed to summarize the current results of the project and is arranged in the following sections:


Provides more background about the UK PRIDE project as well as a direct link to the PRIDE website.

Regional Problems

Provides a summary of regional problems, including a summary of polluted streams, pollution sources, and a general regional ranking of the 40 counties within the PRIDE region.

Regional Programs

Provides a summary of PRIDE, Federal, and State programs in the region along with tables that document the county expenditures associated with each program.

Regional Monitoring

Provides a summary of the regional monitoring strategy employed along with a map showing the locations of the selected monitoring stations.

Program Assessments

Provides results of pathogen and nutrient assessments on the basis of regional, county, and basin.

Management Models

Provides a description of a regional program models as well as detailed pathogen models for selected basins within the region.


Provides links to four separate baseline reports for the region.

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