Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI)


Research Report No. 01 - Economic Analysis Of Alternative Flood Control Measures By Digital computer - Thomas Rachford

Research Report No. 02 - Analysis Of Reservoir Recreation Benefits - Robert C. Tussey

Research Report No. 03 - The Effect Of Landowner Attitude On The Financial And The Economic Costs Of Acquiring Land For A Large Public Works Project - John M. Higgins

Research Report No. 04 - Covariance Analysis Of Reservoir Development Effects On Property Tax Base - Claude Vaughan, Jr

Research Report No. 05 - Review Of The Economic Benefits And Costs Resulting From Dewey Reservoir - David H. Rosenbaum

Research Report No. 06 - Derivation Of Reservoir Operating Rules By Economic Analysis - Charles Dowell

Research Report No. 07 - Factors Controlling Porosity And Permeability In The Curdsiville Member Of The Lexington Limestone - William C. Mac Quown

Research Report No. 08 - A Study Of The Removal Of Pesticides From Water - James David Whitehouse

Research Report No. 09 - Economic Analysis Of Flood Detention Storage By Digital Computer - James Ray Villines

Research Report No. 10 - The Effects Of Geographical And Climatic Setting On The Economic Advantages Of Alternative Flood Control Measures - Clyde R. Dempsey

Research Report No. 11 - Planning Flood Control Measures By Digital Computer - James Norris Cline

Research Report No. 12 - Application Of Marginal Economic Analysis To Reservoir Recreation Planning - John Ellis Sirles III

Research Report No. 13 - Esthetic And Recreational Potential Of Small Naturalistic Streams Near Urban Areas - John A. Dearinger

Research Report No. 14 - Evaluation Of Runoff Conefficients From Small Natural Drainage Areas - Carol Fix Miller

Research Report No. 15 - Evaluation Of The Legal Institutions Of Diversion, Transfer, Storage, And Distribution Of Water In Kentucky - A. Don Tarlock

Research Report No. 16 - Economic Analysis Of Alternative Flood Control Measures - L. Douglas James

Research Report No. 17 - The Persistence Of Pesticides In Impounded Waters - Robert A. Lauderdale

Research Report No. 18 - Ecological Study Of The Effects Of Strip Mining On The Microbiology Of Streams - Ralph Weaver

Research Report No. 19 - Solution Geochemistry Of The Water Of Limestone Terrains - John Thraikill

Research Report No. 20 - Chemistry Of The Oxidant, Ferrate, Its Interaction With Specific Organics Found In Waste Water - Donald H. Williams

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