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There are two maps below.  The first map is a general location map showing all the watersheds in the region along with relevant landmarks and location information.  The second map is a regional rank map showing how the watersheds within the region compare according to the ranking formula.  The table at the end identifies all watersheds by name and by rank group.  

Note that this ranking map does not designate the final priority to be given to watersheds.  It is simply a tool to be used by the regional groups to help focus efforts.  The source and use of this ranking is described in further detail on the Ranked Watersheds page.

Note that the headwaters watersheds have a special hatching designation on the rank map. Headwaters watersheds are those that are completely self-contained. Non-headwaters watersheds receive water from other watersheds upstream. For example, the Red River (lower) watershed receives water from six other watersheds; the Kentucky River 205 420 watershed at the mouth of the river receives water from all 97 watersheds in the basin. The emphasis during the targeting process will be on headwaters watersheds.  This is because efforts carried out in headwaters watersheds will also benefit downstream watersheds to some degree. In addition, water quality is directly attributable to local activities in headwaters watersheds, so it will be far more feasible to achieve an important goal of the watershed process: obtaining measurable results to verify the effectiveness of watershed action. 

Click on the maps below to view them:  

Location Map Regional Rank Map
central_region_map.jpg (461707 bytes) central_region_rank.jpg (276744 bytes)

The assessment reports for the individual watersheds below can be accessed from the subbasin pages.  The navigation bars at the left can be used to get to the individual subbasin pages.  Alternately, the Map Locator Tool or the Report Index can be used

High Medium Low

Boone Creek
Cane Creek (Powell County)
Hanging Fork Creek
Hardwick Creek
Kentucky River 205 005
Kentucky River 205 060
Lower Howard Creek
Muddy Creek
Red River (upper)
Silver Creek
Tate Creek

Cow Creek
Fourmile Creek
Kentucky River 204 030
Kentucky River 204 080
Millers Creek
Otter Creek
Paint Lick Creek
Red River (lower)
Station Camp Creek
Upper Howard Creek

Dix River (upper)
Drowning Creek
Logan Creek
Lulbegrud Creek
Middle Fork of Red River
Red Lick Creek
Red River (headwaters)
Stillwater Creek
Sugar Creek
White Oak Creek


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