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Components of the Assessment Report are available in printable format as PDF files. You may also save the reports or e-mail them. Please note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, print, or save the reports: Adobe Systems will let you download a free copy. 

Select what you would like:

    Report Introduction (Report Home and About This Report; 2 pages)

    Basin and Subbasin Overviews (3 pages)

    Watershed Reports   (click link to select watersheds)

    Water Quality Parameters  (42 pages) 

    Ranking Metrics and Formula (not yet available)


Other Reports:  Kentucky River Basin 1998-1999 Monitoring Strategy

    Documents the sampling during Year 2 of the Watershed Cycle.

    Includes maps of sites and explanations of programs, but not data.

    Please be aware: This is a five-megabyte file!


Watershed Reports. These reports include a text overview, a simplified location map, a map indicating various facilities and sampling sites, and a set of tables. The tables include land-use characteristics, designated uses, stream assessments, public water supply and water withdrawal sites, permitted discharge sites, gaging and sampling sites, volunteer data, and values for the indicators used in calculating watershed rankings.

Technical note: for proper printing of watershed reports, be sure to enable Print As Image in your Acrobat Reader print command dialog box.

To obtain a watershed report, please select the appropriate subbasin:

North Fork Subbasin

Middle Fork Subbasin

South Fork Subbasin

Central Subbasin

Lower Subbasin







North Fork Subbasin

Big Creek
Boone Fork
Cane Creek (Breathitt)
Carr Fork
Crystal Creek
Frozen Creek
Hell Creek & Walker Creek
Holly Creek
Leatherwood Creek
Line Fork
Lotts Creek

Lower Devil Creek

Maces Creek

North Fork Kentucky River (headwaters)

North Fork Kentucky River (upper)

North Fork Kentucky River (middle)

North Fork Kentucky River (lower)

Quicksand Creek 

Rockhouse Creek

South Fork of Quicksand Creek

Troublesome Creek 

Upper Devil Creek


Middle Fork Subbasin

Crystal Creek
Cutshin Creek
Freeman Fork
Middle Fork Kentucky River (headwaters)
Middle Fork Kentucky River (lower)
Middle Fork Kentucky River (upper)

South Fork Subbasin

Bullskin Creek
Goose Creek
Meadow Creek
Red Bird River

Sexton Creek
South Fork Kentucky River (lower)
South Fork Kentucky River (upper)

Central Subbasin

Cane Creek (Powell)
Cow Creek
Drowning Creek
Grapevine Creek
Hardwick Creek
Kentucky River 204 010
Kentucky River 204 030
Kentucky River 204 080

Lulbegrud Creek
Middle Fork of Red River
Millers Creek
Red Lick Creek
Station Camp Creek
Stillwater Creek
Sturgeon Creek
White Oak Creek

Lower Subbasin

Benson Creek
Boone Creek
Brush Creek
Cedar Creek
Clarks Creek
Clarks Run
Clear Creek
Dix River (lower)
Dix River (upper)
Drennon Creek
Eagle Creek (lower)
Eagle Creek (upper)
Elkhorn Creek
Flat Creek
Fourmile Creek
Glenns Creek
Griers Creek
Hanging Fork Creek
Hickman Creek
Jessamine Creek
Kentucky River 205 005
Kentucky River 205 060
Kentucky River 205 140

Kentucky River 205 250
Kentucky River 205 420
Logan Creek
Lower Howard Creek
Lytles Fork & Eagle Creek
Mill Creek
Mill Creek & Big Twin Creek
Muddy Creek
North Elkhorn Creek
Otter Creek
Paint Lick Creek
Red River (headwaters)
Red River (lower)
Red River (upper)
Severn Creek
Shaker Creek
Silver Creek
Sixmile Creek
South Elkhorn Creek
Spears Creek & Mocks Branch
Sugar Creek
Tate Creek
Tenmile Creek
Upper Howard Creek


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