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The Ranked Watershed List divides the watersheds into groups rated high, medium, and low. These rankings reflect an estimate of the relative need to restore or protect the watersheds, as determined by analysis of available data on present conditions, existing protections, and potential threats.

Where it comes from. The list was generated by a formula designed to synthesize a diverse set of indicators related to human health and ecosystem strength. State stream assessments, which evaluate the suitability of waterways for several designated uses, were an important component. See Data Assessments for more information on state stream assessments, and see Metrics for Ranking for more information about the ranking formula and the data it uses.

What it is. The watershed framework aims to target scarce resources to the areas where they will accomplish the most. The Ranked Watershed List is a preliminary identification of watersheds most in need of action. It is one of two major components of the targeting process, which will consider both the need for action and the feasibility of action (including technical, economic, organizational, and political aspects).

What it isn't. The list is not a definitive evaluation of watershed health, just a synthesis of available information. It is not a final determination of which watersheds deserve attention first. The Targeted Watershed List will be derived from the Ranked Watershed List in combination with other considerations.

How it will be used. We plan to conduct the targeting process at both the basin level and through regional divisions of the basin. For this purpose, watersheds have been reranked within each of four regions (see below). Regional meetings, a survey of Framework partner organizations, and other input will be considered in selecting targeted watersheds in each region. The goal of the targeting process is to combine the rankings, local input, and feasibility considerations to direct efforts where they will be most productive.

Rankings are categorized in two manners.  The first is a basinwide Ranked Watershed List. The second is based on regions of the basin created for the purpose of holding regional meetings.  

To view the rankings for the entire Kentucky River Basin follow this link:

Kentucky River Basin Ranked Watershed List and Map

To view rankings according to region, select one of the four regions from the map or the links below:

Southern Region (blue area of map)

Central Region (orange area of map)            

Bluegrass Region (purple area of map) 

Northern Region (green area of map)

Regions for Kentucky River Basin Regional Meetings


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