Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI)

Bayou Creek Metals Study

The Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) first placed Bayou and Little Bayou Creeks on their 303(d) list of impaired waters in 1998. The listing was based upon potential impacts of the concentrations of one or more of four (4) chemicals: 1) Copper; 2) Mercury; 3) Lead; and 4) Iron. In order to evaluate the need for Cu, Hg, Pb and Fe TMDLs for LBC and BBC, the KWRRI developed a workplan for collection and assessment of surface water metals data and implemented the workplan in 2007. Historical KRCEE TMDL development activities are documented in reports for KRCEE Project 6: Surface Water Assessment and Management of the PGDP Facility and the Surrounding Wildlife Management Area which can be accessed here.

Based on historical KRCEE project results and ensuing discussions with the KDOW this project's supplemental data collection and assessment was undertaken to determine the need for specific LBC and BBC TMDLs. This project addressed: 1) collection of flow and metals concentration data over a 1 year period on LBC and BBC; 2) data quality assessment; and 3) comparative assessment of the collected data relative to the need for TMDL development. Comparative assessment included comparison of data from each site and analyte to: 1) WQS; 2) Background concentrations; 3) Uprgadient/downgradient location relative to discharges from the PGDP; and 4) reference concentrations. A copy of the final report can be accessed here. [pdf to be provided]