Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI)


Kentucky Nutrient Model


The Kentucky Nutrient Model (KYNM) was developed in 2014 to provide the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) with a simplified tool for use in developing nutrient based TMDLs and in evaluating different nutrient management strategies. The KYNM claims to be a user-friendly model for several reasons. KYNM is an Excel spreadsheet augmented with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code for enhanced functionality. The spreadsheet is organized into several distinct sections in order to facilitate data input, analysis, and output. Because Microsoft Excel is widely used in business, education, and science, the KYNM user typically has a significant head start on learning to use it. Instead of learning a completely new and unfamiliar software application, the KYNM user only has to see where to input particular data, where to look for particular results, and discover how to adjust certain inputs that control the mathematical modeling within the spreadsheet formulas.


The Kentucky Nutrient Model Report

The Kentucky Nutrient Model Calibration Tutorial