Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI)

Water Pioneers

Water Pioneers provides Robinson Scholars (high school students) with experiences and curriculum for in-depth study of an Appalachian watershed. The students use this knowledge to partner with East Kentucky PRIDE educators, Kentucky Water Watch volunteers, and other interested local groups to increase awareness of Best Management Practices for water quality in their respective counties.

During the learning process, the students develop ideas, communicate their knowledge, and compare/contrast experiences with students from watersheds in partnering states and regions. Through this information exchange, students investigate similarities and differences in regional water quality and learn from the educational journeys of peers in very different watersheds and areas of the country.

The project culminates in an exchange program and/or "Summit" with students from all participating regions. The exchange allows youth across the United States to communicate and educate others about the importance of water quality.


Water Pioneers at NAAEE

Several students in the Water Pioneers Program presented their projects at the 2007 North American Association for Environmental Education conference. The students and their presentations (as click-through PowerPoint slideshows) are:

In addition, Water Pioneers instructors presented an overview of the program.

Water Pioneers at NAAEE

Water Pioneers participated in the North American Association for Environmental Education(NAAEE) in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Water Pioneers at NAAEE

Water Pioneers see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time at the NAAEE Conference

Water Pioneers at NAAEE


Watch the Water Pioneers on Extension Today.

Water Pioneers Collecting

Water Quality Data

Water Pioneers took their own water samples in the summer of 2006