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Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars have the opportunity to study alongside world-class faculty and staff in a number of new and emerging areas of science. Investigators conduct front-line research in areas of pharmaceutics that range from identifying fundamental mechanisms of disease, to designing and developing new drugs, to understanding the impact of policies on health care. Funding for research projects in laboratories at the College of Pharmacy has more than doubled over the past five years and has generated discoveries and innovations that have brought international recognition.

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the College of Pharmacy are obtained through one of five Tracks. The Traditional Pharmaceutical Science Tracks provide training that is based on advanced coursework in contemporary basic pharmaceutical sciences plus independent laboratory or computational research under the direction of a faculty mentor. In the Traditional Pharmaceutical Science Tracks the many research opportunities available are organized into three broad disciplinary areas: Medicinal, Bioorganic and Computational Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Engineering, and Pharmacology 2 and Experimental Therapeutics. The Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Track requires a prior degree in an area of professional health care, and focuses on training in translational research at the interface between basic and clinical studies. The Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Track trains scientists to conduct research on the safe, efficient, and effective use of pharmaceuticals to improve the health of individuals and populations.


College of Pharmacy

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