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At the University of Kentucky we have strong programs in the areas of algebra, analysis/partial differential equations, applied math, combinatorics, numerical analysis, and topology. Our program is designed to give students a solid foundation to prepare them for a successful career, whether in academics, industry or government service. Our course of study is rigorous, but our atmosphere is friendly and encourages close collaboration between faculty and students. There are many opportunities for our students to enrich their background for a research, educational, or business career. Students are encouraged to talk in one of the department's many research seminars, including a Graduate Student Colloquium , run by the Graduate Student Council, and to attend national/international conferences as well as regional meetings. Our students have opportunities to teach a variety of courses and to work in our special instructional and outreach programs. The overall goal is for our students to excel in research and teaching of mathematics and to ultimately become well-rounded leaders in their field.

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