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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a wide range of graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts in Education, Master of Science in Education (Plan A or Plan B available), and Doctor of Education degrees. These programs are designed to prepare specialists for a variety of roles in curriculum and instruction including teaching, supervising, and coordinating subject matter areas at the elementary, middle school, senior high, and community college levels. The doctoral programs prepare leaders for public schools, universities, and other educational agencies. Specialization is available in several graduate areas. 

Master's Program Description

This program is designed for students with a completed bachelor’s degree in a content field. If it is a University of Kentucky degree, the degree must be in one of the following areas: English, history, mathematics, a science, a social science, or in secondary education. Science and mathematics candidates will also work with faculty in the STEM Education Department. Students having a bachelor’s degree listed above from another institution are also eligible. Students not having a degree in one of the above areas may be required to complete additional course work.

A departmental requirement is recommendation to a Teacher Education Program. That process involves compliance with admission requirements of the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. The Instructional Systems Design area offers a 36-hour program designed for individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in planning and designing instruction. Persons choosing this area are frequently preparing for instructional systems design responsibilities in business and industry, government, education, and various training organizations.

Candidates for a Master of Arts in Education with Literacy as an area of concentration must meet the specifications for a Master of Arts in Education, Plan B. The curriculum includes a minimum of 33 credit hours according to the following distribution: a) a minimum of 30 credit hours in specified literacy related courses, b) nine credit hours in other professional educational course work, and c) three credit hours in course work either inside or outside the College of Education.

Doctoral Program Description

In cooperation with the Department of Administration and Supervision, the department offers a program leading to the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Instruction and Administration. Coursework for the Ed.D. in Instruction and Administration, Curriculum and Instruction option, will consist of a minimum of 42 graduate credits beyond the master’s degree planned by the major professor and advisory committee based on the student’s background, needs and goals. 

Master's Application Requirements

Personal Statement (Personal statement should include your goals upon completing this degree.), GRE, 3 letters of recomendation

Doctoral Application Requirements

CV, Personal Statement (Personal statement should include your goals upon completing this degree), Writing Sample (Writing sample should be scholarly in nature, including appropriate research citations and bibliography. A paper meeting these criteria and written for a previously completed graduate course is acceptable.), GRE, 3 letters of recommendation

Additional Requirements

Assistantship Application.

3 Letters of Recommendation - Applicants, contact the DGS of your respective program to determine what criteria need to be addressed by recommenders. Please contact your recommenders directly and provide them with these criteria.

Application Deadlines

Fall: Masters - Rolling Admission, Ph.D., January 15

Spring: Masters - Rolling Admissions, Ph.D., October 1

Summer: Masters - Rolling Admission, Ph.D., January 15


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