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"The mission of the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education is to engage in innovative scholarship, teaching, and service that contributes to improving the quality of P20 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world. Faculty members in the department are committed to improving the lives of Kentuckians through scientific literacy, mathematical literacy, and technological literacy from preschool through graduate school and beyond. Faculty members have expertise in a diverse spectrum of specialties relating to research, teaching, and service in STEM Education, and have developed curricula that are widely disseminated locally and nationally. They conduct research on STEM Education issues, conceptual understanding in STEM education, curriculum implementation and teacher professional development. In addition, faculty members have developed a variety of novel courses in STEM Education to foster problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation in STEM Education. The department offers both master and doctoral programs in STEM Education with the flexibility of focusing on a specific discipline (i.e., mathematics education, science education), or a broader focus on STEM Education."

Master's Program Description

"The Department of STEM Education offers programs leading to a Masters of Science in STEM Education and offers a strand option in the Education Sciences PhD program (see Education Sciences for more info). The MS in STEM Education program is a 30-hour program designed to prepare candidates for advanced roles in K-12 educational settings in the STEM content areas or for a terminal degree route in a STEM Education field. Full-time students in the STEM Education graduate programs are not required to serve in a funded assistantship, but those interested are eligible for the positions available. Part-time enrollment in the program is allowed and the program can be completed in evening hours."

Doctoral Program Description

"The Department of STEM Education offers a PhD program through the Education Sciences Interdisciplinary PhD. For more information, see the information on Education Sciences in the Graduate Bulletin or contact the Director of Graduate Studies or Department chair for the Department of STEM Education."

Master's Application Requirements

CV (The CV should include contact information including mailing address and home phone number, education with dates, majors, details of degrees and training and certification, professional certifications/licensures, employment history (including work history, academic positions held and research work), publications (books, papers, conference proceedings and conference papers), awards, professional memberships, and interests.), Personal Statement (Write a two to three paragraph statement explaining why you are interested in pursuing the Master of Science in STEM Education, your future career goals, areas of interest, and how the MS in STEM Education will help you achieve these goals. Please use the following questions to help guide your writing. (1) Why are you applying to the Master of Science in STEM Education? What personal interest(s), experiences, and/or motives have led you to this decision? (2) In what area(s) of STEM (science, technology, engineering design, mathematics) are you interested in focusing your program? (3) What skills and or knowledge do hope to gain from program? (4) What are your career goals? How will the Master of Science in STEM Education help you attain your goal(s)?), Writing Sample (The writing sample may be a paper written for a course in an undergraduate or graduate course, publication, conference paper, grant proposal, or a similar writing sample.), GRE, 3 letters of recommendation

Doctoral Application Requirements


Additional Requirements

3 Letters of Recommendation (Thank you for agreeing to serve as a reference for the applicant. We request that you upload a letter which includes the following information about the applicant: (1) Your relationship with the applicant (i.e., supervisor, instructor, friend), (2) Length of time you have known applicant, (3) Applicant’s strength and areas for growth, (4) Applicant’s analytic ability and writing ability, (5) Overall work of applicant from your perspective, and (6) Ability of applicant to complete graduate degree.)

An interview will be conducted. 

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 16th

Spring: December 9th

Summer: May 6th


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