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The Chellgren Center

2008 Chellgren Student Fellows

Taylor Amerman

Taylor Amerman is majoring in Marketing and Community Leadership and Development. She is conducting a survey of students in the College of Agriculture to discover how they volunteer on campus and in the community. The results will be used in the College of Agriculture as a marketing tactic. Her mentor is Lori Garkovich in the Department of Community and Leadership Development.

Photo of Taylor Amerman
Benjamin Barnes

Benjamin Barnes is majoring in Kinesiology. He is studying cellular mechanisms responsible for respiratory muscle weakness. His mentor is Michael Reid in the Department of Physiology.

Photo of Ben Barnes
James Chapman

James Chapman is majoring in Political Science and International Studies. He is researching United States-Iran relations and international diplomacy efforts. His mentor is John Stepmel in the Patterson School fo Diplomacy.

Photo of James Chapman
Sudipa Chowdhury

Sudipa Chowdhury is majoring in Biochemistry. She is investigating the Dopamine Neuron Stimulating Peptide-11 Protein Interaction Network: a novel molecule for treating Parkinson's Disease. Her mentor is Luke Bradley in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

Photo of Sudipa Chowdhury
James Dimayuga

James Dimayuga is majoring in Political Science. He is analyzing conflict and cooperation between major powers in the international system. His mentor is Dan Morey in the Department of Political Science.

Photo of James Dimayuga
Jason Grant

Jason Grant is majoring in English and Linguistics. He is studying Gabriel Garcia Marquez, other authors of the Bocha period and the philosophies of fiction found therein simultaneously to develop and expand a portfolio of creative fiction with the intent of serious self criticism and publication. His mentor is Susan Carvalho in the Department of Hispanic Studies.

Photo of Jason Grant
Hadley Hurst

Hadley Hurst is majoring in Political Science. She will be focusing on the politics, history, and current food and economic crisis in Haiti. She is interested in learning how she can best help the people there. Her mentor is Peter Berres in the College of Health Sciences.

Photo of Hadley Hurst
Eseosa Ighodaro

Eseosa Ighodaro is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and French. She will develop laboratory demonstrations, provide literature references, materials safety data worksheets, real-time high definition camera recordings and digital photos in support of an instructor's source book on chemical demonstrations. Her mentor is Fitzgerald Bramwell in the Department of Chemistry.

Photo of Ese Ighodaro
Nazeeha Jawahir

Nazeeha Jawahir is majoring in Chemistry and Philosophy. She is studying the effects of mutating the charged DNA residues of Hendra virus fusion glycoproteins on the viral fusion process. Her mentor is Rebecca Dutch in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Photo of Nazeeha Jawahir
Rachel Keller

Rachel Keller is majoring in International Studies (FLIE Spanish) and English. She is researching the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Kentucky's economy. Her mentor is Kenneth Troske in the Department of Economics.

Photo of Rachel Keller
Christina Kuchle

Christina Kuchle is majoring in Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation. She is investigating the impact of invasive honeysuckle plants on nutrient cycling in Kentucky's hardwood forests. Her mentor is Mary Arthur in the Department of Forestry.

Photo of Christina Kuchle
Dylan Murphy

Dylan Murphy is majoring in Biology. He is researching mutated proteins that have been turned into prions within cells in the nervous system. His mentor is Glenn Telling in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics.

Photo of Dylan Murphy
Adrienne Pfendt

Adrienne Pfendt is majoring in English. She is comparing two influential feminist authors from Kentucky: Sallie Bingham and Elizabeth Hardiwck. Her mentor is Sonya Jones, a professor in the Honors Program.

Photo of Adrienne Pfendt
Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith is majoring Biology. She is studying meditation and sleep deprivation, specifically to determine if meditation in different time increments can improve concentration. Her mentor is Bruce O'Hara in the Department of Biology.

Photo of Shannon Smith
Jennifer Strange

Jennifer Strange is majoring Finance and Marketing. She is studying the effects of homelessness on children's education in Kentucky, specifically the effects of mobility on educational success. Her mentor is Joanna Badagliacco in the Department of Sociology.

Photo of Jennifer Strange
Stephanie Straub

Stephanie Straub is majoring in English. Her project involves a poetry collection. Her mentor is Jane Vance in the Department of English.

Photo of Stephanie Straub
Michele Tomiatti

Michele Tomiatti is majoring in Sociology and Psychology. She is coding video tapes for her project. Her mentor is Richard Millich in the Department of Psychology.

Photo of Michele Tomiatti
Kenisha Webb

Kenisha Webb is majoring in Biology. She is studying Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Specifically, she is utilizing a biochemical approach involving 1-D gel electrophoresis and Western blot analysis to test a series of PKC specific antibodies to help understand the phenotypic change of the failing heart. Her mentor is Marius P. Sumandea in the Department of Physiology.

Photo of Kenisha Webb