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The Chellgren Center

2010 Chellgren Student Fellows

Maria Bane

Maria Bane is working with Bryan Coutain from the Department of Political Science.

Photo of Maria Bane
Catherine Brereton

Catherine Brereton is working on an interdisciplinary project investigating representations of lesbians' mothers and lesbians as mothers in a variety of genres to analyze relationships between lesbians and their mothers and how they affect lesbians' sense of identity in terms of maternity and motherhood. Her mentor is Susan Bordo in the Department of Gender Studies.

Photo of Catherine Brereton
Jennifer Brogie

Jennifer Brogie is working on a project to develop a feed for Purina that will help older horses age better. The project involves looking at blood samples and measuring how well horse systems function at various ages. Results will be used to improve the feed, Purina Equine Senior, to keep aging horses healthy and functioning longer. She is working with Amanda Adams in the Gluck Equine Research Center.

Photo of Jen Brogie
Carter Daniels

Carter Daniels is researching gambling behavior in pigeons, if it can be inhibited, and if it has any affect on pigeon behavior. Behavioral measures are being taken, including activity levels in birds deprived at different levels of food, with a possible aggression measure to be taken post-experiment. Carter is working with Thomas Zental from Experimental Psychology.

Photo of Carter Daniels
Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies is researching the mechanism(s) of CSPG-induced inhibition following spinal cord injury. Subsequent tests will manipulate specific inhibitory moieties of CSPGs to promote regeneration of adult neurons in vivo. These studies have potential for translational application in injured patients. He is working with Diane M. Snow of the Neuroscience Department.

Photo of Jonathan Davies
Brett Dickens

Brett Dickens will be researching the negative effects of unhealthy maternal diets and how to reverse these effects through consumption of dietary supplements and increased physical activity during pregnancy. Specifically, he will be examining the results of insulin receptors on the offspring of exercised dams compared to sedentary dams. He is working with Kevin Pearson in the Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences.

Photo of Brett Dickens
David Dirkes III

David Dirkes III is working with John Anthony from the Department of Chemistry.

Photo of David Dirkes
Charles Fieseler

Charles Fieseler is going to program a simulator that will hopefully be able to find and simulate the non-chaotic paths of neutrons that we have in a magnetic/gravitic confinement trap, in order to measure their lifetime. He is working in the Department of Physics with mentor, Chris Crawford.

Photo of Charlie Fieseler
Jonathan Finnie

Jonathan Finnie is performing interviews and doing archival research. His mentor Richard Schein from the Department of Geography.

Photo of Jonathan Finnie
Jared Flanery

Jared Flanery is designing a role-playing game centered on coal policy decisions. His mentor is Ernest Yanarella in the Political Science Department.

Photo of Jared Flanery
Tyler Flynn

Tyler Flynn is researching nanoelectronic devices such as field effect transistors, implementing a variety of tools ranging from atomic force microscopy to advanced computer modeling. He is working with Doug Strachan in Physics and Astronomy.

Photo of TJ Flynn
Courtney Ford

Courtney Ford is working with Rebecca Dutch in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Photo of Courtney Ford
Geraldine Goh

Geraldine Goh is exploring the effect of vivo-morpholinos on the transmethylase gene for calmodulin using the chick embryo model. Cell cultures are cultivated and their growth and pattern mapped and then compared to patterns of control cultures. Her mentor is Philip Bonner from the Department of Biology.

Photo of Geraldine Goh
Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris is analyzing statistics from a local truancy court and developing a college preparation program for high school juniors. She is working under the supervision of Doctors Flaherty, Ely, and Loeffler in the College of Social Work.

Photo of Jill Harris
McKinley Heflin

McKinley Heflin is working with John F. Wilson in the College of Medicine.

Photo of McKinley Heflin
Andrea Hiller

Andrea Hiller is researching the molecular mechanisms in glucose levels that regulate insulin production and pancreatic beta-cell function. This will hopefully enable the development of new strategies for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Her mentor is Sabire Ozcan in the Department of Biology.

Photo of Andrea Hiller
Cody Hollan

Cody Hollan is researching the rise of media attention to Supreme Court confirmation hearings and its effect on the Senators' votes for the candidate. His mentor is Justin Wedeking in the Department of Political Science.

Photo of Cody Hollan
Alexandria Jarrells

Alexandria Jarrells is researching why stiffness occurs in the heart. This stiffness can cause heart failure because the ventricles cannot completely fill with blood. Her mentor is Ken Campbell in the Department of Physiology.

Photo of Alexandria Jarrells
Mary Jennings

Mary Jennings is researching immunoprecipitation of the Argonaute complex from an Alzheimer's Disease brain and a normal brain. She will compare both brains using a mass spectroscopy to better understand a link to Alzheimer's. Her mentor is Peter Nelson, Director of the Neuropathology Division.

Photo of Mary Jennings
Deron Johnson

Deron Johnson is working with David Wilke.

Photo of Deron Johnson
Kelsey Joseph

Kelsey Joseph is working with Buck Ryan from the Journalism Department.

Photo of Kelsey Joseph
Abigail Kerins

Abigail Kerins is examining the identity of the Appalachian community of Eastern Kentucky and the role that economic, social, and cultural changes have played in developing this identity. In her analysis, she will also discuss how the current status of the community will affect future generations.

Photo of Abby Kerins
Taylor Lloyd

Taylor Lloyd is investigating the mechanisms of seed germination at the molecular level, specifically light regulated mechanisms. Because seeds represent approximately 70% of our diet, it is crucial we understand how the environment determines germination. She is working with Bruce Downie from the Department of Horticulture.

Photo of Taylor Lloyd
Shelby Malone

Shelby Malone is investigating how the phosphoprotein (P protein) can be used to determine the active sites responsible for interactions with human metapneumovirus (HMPV) and host cell proteins along with the biological pathways they activate. She is working with Rebecca Dutch in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Photo of Shelby Malone
Madison McGhee

Madison McGhee is exploring the creative process behind the full-fledged production of a theatrical work. She will produce an original work written and directed by herself. Her mentor is Nancy Jones from the Department of Theatre.

Photo of Madison McGhee
Allison McVey

Allison McVey is majoring in International Studies with a minor in History. She is examining the life and works of Leo Tolstoy, researching what Tolstoy's views on life were and how they affected our current society as well as the one he lived in. Her mentor is Karen Petrone in the Department of History.

Photo of Allison McVey
Saumya Mehta

Saumya Mehta is conducting a genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing events regulated by heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear proteins H and F. His mentor is Franca Cambi in the Department of Neurology.

Photo of Saumya Mehta
Zach Motes

Zach Motes is investigating the effects of pornography on adolescent sexuality as it relates to spirituality. He is working with Ronald Werner-Wilson and Claire Kimberly of the Department of Family Studies.

Photo of Zach Motes
Asri Mumpuni

Asri Mumpuni is exploring limb and skin regeneration in Axolotol salamanders. She is working with Randal Voss in the Department of Biology.

Photo of Asri Mumpuni
Lindsay Oberhausen

Lindsay Oberhausen is assisting Ivonne Marte, a Ph.D. student, with her dissertation, "Representations of Masculinities in Contemporary Dominican-American Narrative."

Photo of Lindsay Oberhausen
Emily Pena

Emily Pena is working with Trevor P. Creamer, in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Photo of Emily Pena
Justin Penny

Justin Penny is working in the Campbell Muscle lab examining electron microscope pictures of cardiac muscle tissue, studying the arrangement of myosin and actin fibers. His mentor is Kenneth Campbell in the Department of Physiology.

Photo of Justin Penny
Amanda Rambo

Amanda Rambo is researching, tracking patterns, and investigating correlations among labor union disputes in the arts and entertainment industries. She is working with Rachel Shane, a professor of Arts Administration.

Photo of Amanda Rambo
James Rossi

James Rossi is coding data for research on the meta-analysis of eating disorders and their effects on quality of life. He is working with Brian Cook from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Photo of James Rossi
Ethan Rutledge

Ethan Rutledge is working with Ernest Yanarella from the Department of Political Science.

Photo of Ethan Rutledge
Elizabeth Schaller

Elizabeth Schaller is participating in an internship with a research component with Bebe Lovejoy, the registrar in the UK Art Museum. She will be working with art objects that are in storage and learning about the career paths available in an art museum setting. Her mentor is Jane S. Peters in the Department of Art History.

Photo of Liz Schaller
Emma Scott

Emma Scott is working with Thomas Kelley from the Department of Behavioral Science.

Photo of Emma Scott
Sarah Seger

Sarah Seger is conducting experiments to analyze how heating iron oxide nanoparticles effects lung cancer and breast cancer cell lines. Her mentors are Kimberly Anderson and Zach Hilt from Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

Photo of Sarah Seger
Alexandria Sehon

Alexandria Sehon is studying applications of geophysical principles on archaeologically significant areas, with an emphasis on gradiometer and magnetometer data manipulation. Her mentor is Dhananjay Ravat, Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science.

Photo of Alexandria Sehon
Abdel-Sater Shalash Photo of Abdel-Sater Shalash
William Spence

William Spence is working with David Atwood from the Department of Chemistry.

Photo of William Spence
Jonathan Tyler Photo of Jonathan Tyler
Grant Weherly

Grant Weherly is observing the differences in the actions of people in life vs. in a realistic role playing game, such as Second Life. His mentor is Philipp Kraemer from the Department of Psychology.

Photo of Grant Weherly
Mary Ellen Wimberly

Mary Ellen Wimberly is working on a project titled "Risk and Discrimation." She is focusing on incidence and persistence of gender discrimination in firms in Columbia. Her mentor is Dr. Jenny Minier in the Department of Economics.

Photo of Mary Ellen Wimberly
Madeline Wright

Madeline Wright is working with Richard Shein in the Department of Geography on a project titled "Museums and Public."

Photo of Madeline Wright