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2012 Chellows

Noora Aljabi

Noora Aljabi is implementing a software system to collect, analyze, and visualize the geo-temporal distribution of publicly-available imagery collected from Flickr. The initial focus is on the bloom phase of flowers. She is working with Nathan Jacobs in the Computer Science department.

Noora Aljabi
Demarkus Butler

DeMarkus Butler is working on designing and evaluating in vitro models for drug delivery to the brain. He is conducting his research with Luke Bradley in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

Picture of DeMarkus Butler
Joy Coles

Joy Coles is analyzing surveys and conducting phone interviews to assess the interprofessional training provided by the Deans' Honors Interprofessional Colloquium experience at UK in cohorts before 2013. She is working with Andrea L. Pfeifle in the Center for Interprofessional HealthCare Education.

Photo of Joy Coles
Mary Kate Elliot

Mary Kate Elliot is an English and French double major with a Dance minor. She is studying the historical impact of advertising on identity development with particular focus on how that process is portrayed in contemporary consumer culture in the film "Fight Club" (1999). Her mentor is Dr. Pearl James in the English Department.

Photo of Mary Kate Elliot
Matthew Fahrbach

Matthew Fahrbach is investigating shortest k-radius sequences, which model an optimal first-in, first-out caching strategy for computing large data sets such as medical images. His mentor is Jerzy Jaromczyk in the Department of Computer Science.

Photo of Matthew Fahrbach
Allison Ferguson

Allison Ferguson is majoring in Communication Disorders and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She is analyzing the problem solving skills by subjects with and without brain injuries on a modification of the 20 questions test. She is working with Dr. Robert Marshall in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department.

Photo of Allison Ferguson
Taban Flores

Taban Flores is majoring in Journalism and Communications with a minor in Political Science. She is researching the influence of media freedom over regime stability and identifying if there is a relationship between media freedom and risk of a coup d'état. She is working with Clayton Thyne in the Department of Political Science.

Photo of Taban Flores
Emily Furnish

Emily Furnish is studying laryngeal muscles, specialized skeletal muscles used in voice production. The purpose of her study is to determine sarcomere length in thyroarytenoid muscles in relation to fiber length to evaluate functional muscle properties. She is working with Maria Dietrich in Rehabilitation Sciences.

Photo of Emily Furnish
Rekha Gupta

Rekha Gupta is studying the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the developing brain using rodent models which represent the gestational third trimester of a human fetus and examining the potential pharmacological methods for reducing the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. Her mentor is Susan Barron in the Department of Psychology.

Photo of Rekha Gupta
Haley Herrell

Haley Herrell is working along side the Miller Group to address Enzymatic Redox Catalysis. Specifically, she is exploring the possible incorporation of different metal ions into superoxide dismutase. Her mentor is Anne-Frances Miller in the Department of Chemistry.

Photo of Haley Herrell
Kayla Johnson

Kayla Johnson is employing the principle of intentional forgetting in researching the effectiveness of political retractions and how these statements impact the opinion of the general public. She is working with Dr. Jonathan Golding in the Department of Psychology.

Photo of Kayla Johnson
Hannah Kembel

Hannah Kembel is majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. She is researching jury decision making; specifically the perception of spousal rape in the court room, and how these perceptions effect convictions. Her mentor is Dr. Jonathan Golding in the Department of Psychology.

Photo of Hannah Kembel
Umang Khandpur

Umang Khandpur is involved in a series of studies in vitro that address the behavior of enlongating senory neurons as they respond to treatments using CSPG-degratory enzymes. He is working with Diane Snow in the Department of Anatomy of Neurobiology.

Photo of Umang Khandpur
Morgan Lane

Morgan Lane is working with Braden Lusk in Mining Engineering to measure the production of NOx gases that result from an incomplete detonation of an emulsion explosive under varying conditions. Specifically, he will be working on measuring these gases in a setting outside of a laboratory.

Photo of Morgan Lane
Allie Lehman

Allie Lehman is exploring how oral communication strategies are developed among learners of Spanish during the exposure to the speech community for a semester in a 30-contact-hour community service learning course. She is working with Francisco Salgado-Robles in Hispanic Studies.

Photo of Allie Lehman
Erica Mattingly

Erica Mattingly is investigating the influence of Classical Arabic on the Spanish language, specifically phonological changes occurring between 700AD and 1300AD. She is collecting data and looking for patterns in phonological change. She working with Andrew Byrd in the Linguistics department.

Photo of Erica Mattingly
Stefanie Muller

Stefanie Muller is investigating the transmission of Enlightenment ideals into various European nations during the 17th and 19th centuries. Specifically, she is focusing on French Salon culture and the distinct ways other European nations adopted and adapted this culture. She is working with Kay Woods in the Honors Program.

Photo of Stephanie Muller
Autumn Murphy

Autumn Murphy is researching two literary works: The Grapes of Wrath (novel) and Little Miss Sunshine (film). She is analyzing the works' contexts, plot similarities, and thematic resolutions to shed light on the significance of the works both in their time and in the future. Her mentor is Professor Michael Carter in the Department of English.

Photo of Autumn Murphy
Tamas Nagy

Tamas Nagy is focusing on elucidating the role of the transmembrane domain in enabling the metastable state of the viral fusion protein that is necessary for viral fusion with the intent of discovering potential antiviral targets. He is working with Rebecca Dutch in the Department of Biochemistry.

Photo of Tamas Nagy
Roshan Palli

Roshan Palli is working with William Hoyt in the Economics department.

Photo of Roshan Palli
Catherine Palmer-Ball

Catherine Palmer-Ball is researching the effect of neighborhood crime and violence on citizens' political attitudes and behaviors in Central American countries, including El Salvador and Guatemala. In particular, her project looks at how community-based organizations in at-risk neighborhoods can help to reduce insecurity and promote support for the rule of law. She is working with Abby Cordova in Political Science.

Photo of Catherine Palmer-Ball
Sanjana Pampati

Sanjana Pampati is studying the role of caste in Eco-feminist movements. Prominent literature and eco-feminist movements that exist in India fail to acknowledge the issue of caste, alienating a large majority of the population. She intends to connect the exploitation of Adivasi (the indigenous people of India) and Dalit (the lower-castes of India) women with the exploitation of nature. She is working with Ernie Yanarella in the Political Science department.

Photo of Sanjana Pampati
Joseph Papp

Joseph Papp is using nanosized iron particles and hydrogel membranes to remove selenium from water. Using the ion exchange principle to functionalize the membranes, high capacity direct capture of selenium is able to be tested . This method is compared with adsorption by an iron nanoparticle suspension to determine its efficiency. He is working with Dibakar Bhattacharyya in Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Photo of Joe Papp
Kaitlyn Schuster

Kaitlyn Schuster is working with Penni Black, who is researching the deregulation of oncogenic signaling cascades in non-small lung cancers. She is currently focusing on the way in which a certain type of immune system cell, the M2 macrophage, may promote tumor growth and metastasis. Further research concerning this process could lead to the development of novel cancer treatments and more personalized options for lung-cancer patients.

Photo of Kaitlyn Schuster
Avril Simms

Avril Simms is a History major and an Art History minor. She is researching the history of Black Lung compensation for coal miners, and using this research as a microcosm to explain who is responsible for occupational health hazards. She is working with Dr. Ron Eller, of the History Department.

Photo of Avril Simms
Karisa Sisk

Karisa Sisk is doing research in the field of labor economics on why people do not migrate away from the Appalachia region despite large wage differentials between this region and the rest of the United States. She is working with Christopher Bollinger in the Department of Economics.

Photo of Karisa Sisk
Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith is majoring in Psychology. She is researching child sleep by analyzing all the public schools in Kentucky and comparing multiple variables such as their start times, attendance percentage, retention rates, and standardized test scores. Her mentor is Dr. Peggy Keller in the Psychology Department.

Photo of Olivia Smith
Grace Trimble

Grace Trimble is working with her non-profit, LTC Smart Shots, an organization that reaches out to underprivileged elementary students in central Kentucky attempting to use tennis and education to change their lives. She is conducting surveys to better understand the effects of the program. She is working with Clayton Thyne in Political Science.

Photo of Grace Trimble
Emily VanMeter

Emily VanMeter is examining the role that a coup d'état plays in molding interstate relationships by taking into account key factors that cause external states to react strongly to this shift of power. These include natural resources, internal solidarity of the population, and regime type. She is working with Clayton Thyne in the Political Science department.

Photo of Emily VanMeter
Heidi Vollrath

Heidi Vollrath is researching the relationship between relative brain size and relative muscle mass in both primates and non-primate mammals. In order to gain a better understanding of why animals with significantly larger brains do not have higher metabolic rates. She is working under the the guidance of Dr. Magdalena Muchlinski of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

Photo of Heidi Vollrath
Arti Vula

Arti Vula is focusing on how international and domestic trade interact with one another in their mutually formative relationship. He is working with Bryan Coutain in the Department of Political Science.

Photo of Arti Vula
Sarah Whelan

Sarah Whelan is researching the germline cells of lampreys in order to understand how they undergo the programmed genome rearrangement, which happens when a large part of the genome is deleted from the somatic cells. She is doing research with Jeramiah Smith in the Department of Biology.

Photo of Sarah Whelan
Devon Wilson
Photo of Devon Wilson
Ryan Winstead

Ryan Winstead is synthesizing critical works of the queer community with YA LGBT fiction to illuminate the problematic message marketed to the genre's young audience. He is working on this project with Michael Trask in the Department of English.

Photo of Ryan Winstead