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Clay Lancaster Scholarship

The Clay Lancaster Scholarship for Senior Gaines Fellows

Each year one Senior Fellow may be awarded the Clay Lancaster Scholarship on the basis of his or her thesis topic. For the Fellow to be eligible, his or her thesis must be germane to one of the many fields in which Clay Lancaster, author, artist, and Kentucky’s preeminent architectural historian studied and worked. Areas of focus include architecture, architectural history and preservation, Kentucky heritage, artists and art forms, Asian art, Eastern thought, East-West dialogue, children’s literature, criticism, and the fantastical.

In addition to the scholarship stipend, Lancaster Scholars receive a certificate hand-printed by Paul Holbrook of the M. I. King Press (and member of the Warwick Foundation), and the year-long use of Clay Lancaster’s reference library and the facilities at Warwick estate for retreat and thesis writing.

Warwick is a unique compound of historic and architecturally important structures, and over 200 acres of unspoiled nature preserve in Salvisa, Kentucky. The Warwick Foundation maintains the property to perpetuate and promote the legacy of Clay Lancaster through education, preservation, and facilitation of cross-cultural understanding. Each fall, Paul Holbrook hosts the Gaines Fellows for a tour of Warwick and vegetarian lunch or tea-time snack, in keeping with Clay Lancaster’s own practice.

Lancaster Scholars


Boone Proffitt

Green Spaces and Pocket Squares



Sarah Wagner

Haruki Murakami in Context: Placelessness in Contemporary Architecture and Literature




Drake Jackson

The economics of architecture: Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milá



Jonathan Finnie

Inheritance/Entanglements: Zen, Non-representational Theory, and Writing Personal Embodied Knowledge



Zachary Davis




Jonathan Laurel

An Architectural History of the Papal Library in the 15th Century



Joanna Grant

The Depth of Superficial(ity): An Antithesis to a Treatise



Caroline Quinio

The Many Faces of the Kentucky Horse Barn



Will Sanders

Suzuki and Eckhart: Meditations on Comparative Religion



Matthew Clarke

Voices of Home in Bluegrass-Aspendale: Constructing the Ideal



Jason Richards

The Stone Wall as Reinterpreted in Central Kentucky’s Contemporary Landscape



Patrick Hobgood

Constructing Community: An Exhibition of the Voice of Goodloetown



Lauren Argo

The Noise in the Room



Haans Mott

nun creature artist disease spaceman: a romance in five lamentations