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The Chellgren Center

About the Center

The Chellgren Center is administratively housed under the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. The leadership of the Chellgren Center is invested in an Endowed Chair, Endowed Professorships, and Chellgren Faculty Fellows. Commensurate with their status senior level faculty, the Chellgren Chair and Chellgren Professors are expected to maintain an active research program in their discipline; teach courses in one of the University's programs of excellence (e.g., Honors Program) or within their college or department; and direct a specific project intended to advance progressive reform of undergraduate education. The Chellgren Chair assumes a leadership role for the Center as spokesperson and advocate for undergraduate excellence and educational innovation. The Chellgren Center endowment supports the chair and the professorships for an explicit period of appointment. Thereafter faculty who have held these positions, as well as other important faculty leaders in undergraduate education, remain actively engaged as leaders within the Center as Chellgren Faculty Fellows. Another key part of the center is a number of programs.