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The Chellgren Center


Core Programs

In addition to the work of the Chellgren Chair and Professors, the Center is home to several campus-wide undergraduate programs. The directors and staff of these programs function in close collaboration under the leadership of the Chellgren Chair. In addition, the Center provides administrative support for two student academic honor societies, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi.

Affiliated Programs

Beyond the Core Programs, the Center includes several affiliated programs; each of which functions independently with its own director, staff, and resources. True to the collaborative model that defines the Center, close cooperation among the Core and Affiliated Programs ensures that the mission to expand undergraduate excellence at UK is creatively and broadly implemented.

Chellgren Center Partners

The Chellgren Center is vigorously committed to fostering collaborations and partnerships among the many excellent programs at the University of Kentucky. Undergraduate education at a large research university entails a complex array of programming and services distributed across many units and implemented by many individuals. In order to ensure that the parts of this complex educational system function most effectively, there must be an impetus and strategy for integration. The Chellgren Center assumes a central role toward that goal. Accordingly, the Center conducts regular meetings of representatives from the various units, programs, and colleges responsible for implementing the University's undergraduate mission. The Center also sponsors a variety of initiatives and events reflective of the academic diversity, interdisciplinary richness of UK, and enormous talent among the students, faculty, staff, and administrators.