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Student Fellows

The following students are the 2013 Chellgren Fellows.  For previous years, use the navigation menu to the left.

Cassidy Cantrell

Cassidy Cantrell is working with Bryan Hains in the Department of Community and Leadership Development.

Robert Cass

Robert Cass is investigating elliptic curves over local fields. Elliptic curves constitute a major area of current research in number theory, for both their theoretical properties and applications. Local fields are closely related to the field of rational numbers, as well as finite fields. His mentor is David Leep in the Department of  Mathematics.

Andrew Cech

Andrew Cech's research project will be looking at economic freedom indexes compiled by different international think tanks and comparing the respective nation's economies.  Economic Freedoms will also be compared to the respective political freedoms from which the effectiveness of different economies will be ascertained. His mentor will be John Garen in the Department of Economics.

Steven Chapman

Steven Chapman is doing research on the emission of carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants is one of the most substantial ways for carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere, causing environmental concerns. His mentor is Susan Odom from the Department of Chemistry.

Erika Darnell

Erika Darnell's research project will involve using oxidants, such as permanganate, to develop an assay to colorimetrically determine the sequence of DNA. Her mentor will be Dr. Stephen Testa in the Department of Chemistry. 

Andrea Eastes

Andrea Eastes is focusing on the role of the matrix protein (M) of human metapneumovirus (HMPV) in viral assembly.  In particular, she will be comparing the protein interactions and localization of a HA-tagged version of M to the wild-type.  This will provide novel information on the protein interactions of M that may play a critical role in the assembly and budding of HMPV. Her mentor will be Rebecca Dutch in the Department of Biochemistry.

Jonathan Elliott

Jonathan Elliott will be researching the impact that trade liberalization policies have had in India by using econometric techniques to analyze productivity of firms and industries. Particular emphasis will be given to how these effects vary by geographic region. His mentor will be Dr. Jenny Minier in the Department of Economics.

Donald Grasse

Donald Grasse is doing his research on the oral history and state narratives of the liberation struggle in South Africa are under explored but vital to coming to a better understanding of Apartheid and the resistance to it. His mentor will be Stephen Davis in the Department of History. 

Richard Grewelle

Richard Grewelle is implementing a parallel-tagged amplicon sequencing approach to reconstruct the evolutionary history of North American tiger salamander (Ambystoma spp.) populations.  His mentor is Dr. David Weisrock in the Department of Biology.

Cailin Harris

Cailin Harris will be working in the The Feola laboratory where the research will be focused on mechanistic and translational investigations to define the role of alternatively activated macrophages in the pathophysiology of pulmonary fibrosis. Her mentor will be Dr. David Feola in the College of Pharmacy. 

Nathan Hewitt

Nathan Hewitt's research is within the field of public arts funding,  studying its effects on private giving. His mentor is Rachel Shane in the Department of Arts Administration.

Jordan Jorgensen

Jordan Jorgensen is creating a usable interface for a Markov Decision Process policy explainer. A Markov Decision Process (MDP) is a mathematical model of planning used when the outcomes of actions can be modeled as probability distributions over outcomes. He is working with Dr. Judy Goldsmith in the Department of Computer Science.

Jordan Keeton

Jordan Keeton will be working to understand why, in some countries, political parties are based on ethnicity, why these parties sometimes engage in violence, and why party-based violence occurs in some countries where there is no ethnic dimension to politics. His mentor is Emily Beaulieu in the Department of Political Science.

Maddie Lockridge

Maddie Lockridge will be working on a project about medical resident performance in critical care rotations as it relates to minffulness, communication and positive/negative affect. Specifically, Maddie will interview residents and assisting data interpretation. She is working with Dr. Kevin Real in the Department of Communication.

Mariam Malik

Mariam Malik is studying the interaction between judges and attorneys during oral arguments in state courts. She is focusing on the number and quality of the questions that judges ask to see if their behavior is consistent under different institutional arrangements.  She will also examine whether the number of questions that judges pose correlates with their decision in the case. She is working with Dr. Justin Wedeking in the Department of Political Science.

Lindy Massey

Lindy Massey will read and analyze selected works of the Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov with a focus on his narrative style and his response to the changing Soviet environment around him. Her mentor is Cynthia Ruder in the Department of MCL/Russian Studies.

Jacob Mattingly

Jacob Mattingly is performing research on novel targets for antibacterial agents in order to fight drug-resistant pathogens. If successful, Jacob's research can lead to new solutions to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in today's world of medicine. He will be working with Dr. Yinan Wei in the Department of Chemistry.

Trevor McNary

Trevor McNary is working with Dr. Just Wedeking in the Department of Political Science on a project focusing on the connection between citizens and their state court systems—a vital part of state government with which citizens often interact.

Sadie Meyer

Sadie Meyer's project will analyze the history of Fayette County and how it effects the cultural contradictions observed in modern day Lexington. It will also include collecting data from Lexington citizens to analyze which parts of the city make it an attractive place to live. Based on this data, it will be determined which aspects of Lexington are considered “creative” and how these aspects allow it to thrive in modern day society. Her mentor will be Jeremy Crampton in the Department of Geography.

Lexi Neukirch

Alexis Neukirch is researching white ash trees raised around the country and planted in central Kentucky to determine the magnitude of the effect a changed climate has on greening patterns.  Her mentor is Dr. Liang of the Geology Department.

Tolu Odukoya

Tolu Odukoya is working with Nathan DeWall in the Department of Psychology.

Stephen Parsons

Stephen Parsons is working on automating the image alignment process so that it is easier to add assets to the collection. The collection of manuscripts will ultimately be made available to scholars around the world through a web interface. Stephen is also investigating additional applications for the underlying technology developed in this project. His mentor is Brent Seales in the Department of Computer Science.

Michael Perry

Michael Perry will be conducting research on the historical aspects, uses, and influences of music as used in protests and rebellions. His mentor will be Phil Haling in the Department of History.

Sammy Petitte

Samantha Petitte is interested in eating disorder research and will be collaborating with Dr. Greg Smith's lab on their longitudinal study exploring predictors for maladaptive behaviors including eating disorders and alcoholism. Her mentor will be Dr. Greg Smith in the Department of Psychology.

Kelsey Potter

Kelsey Potter will be studying how audiences respond to different types of media. She will test how consumers respond to a video game, a movie, or prose concerning the same scene from a Harry Potter film. She will research the variations between each experience.  Her mentor is Dr. Anthony Limperos in the Division of Instructional Communication.

Marcel Roman

Marcel Roman will be working to understand why, in some countries, political parties are based on ethnicity, why these parties sometimes engage in violence, and why party-based violence occurs in some countries where there is no ethnic dimension to politics. His mentor will be Dr. Emily Beaulieu in the Department of Political Science.

Katelyn Sandell

Katelyn Sandell's project will investigate the thiol-containing compound N, N’-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide with the common name “B9” that contains cysteamine “side-arms” to provide two thiol groups for covalent metal bondings. B9 is able to remove many heavy metal and metalloid contaminants from water, including mercury (II) and arsenic (III). I will metal removal from water using B9 and other related, newer ligands. Her mentor will be Dr. David Atwood in the Department of Chemistry.

Madison Scott

Madison Scott will be investigating the relationship between breeze times and success on the racetrack, measured by career earnings, quality of wins, and length of racing career.Her mentor will be Jill Stowe in the Department of Equine Programs.

Brenton Smith

Brenton Smith will be conducting interviews to pair with quantitative data in order to perform a multimethodological analysis of college students' understandings and use of illegal ADHD stimulants. His mentor will be Dr. Alan DeSantis in the Department of Communication.

Danna Spears

Danna Spears is comparing the economic development of a Welsh post coal mining community with the potential future of Eastern Kentucky. Through her research she hopes to better understand the key of a region's recovery after widespread structural unemployment. Dr. Ann Kingsolver in the Department of Anthropology is the mentor over this research project. 

Daniella Straathof

Daniella Straathof will work with a student and faculty team in the Agricultural Economics department will find what and how much current users are using the Arboretum for. The team will also find how much users may be willing to support future development of the Arboretum and the most effective way to invest so the University of Kentucky and the County Government can proceed. The mentor will be  Dr. Wuyang Hu in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Jay Van Doorn

Jay Van Doorn's study focuses on the role of sulfate groups in inhibition, using shRNA technology to knockdown the carbohydrate sulfotransferase (CHST) enzyme responsible for specific CSPG sulfation patterns.  These mutant CSPGs will be used in tissue culture assays to examine neurite outgrowth. An understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which CSPG inhibit regeneration may lead to potential therapies for the treatment of SCI.  (Support KSCHIRT #10-11A). The mentor will be Dr. Diane Snow in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

Faith VanMeter

Faith VanMeter is examining the relationship between experiences of child abuse and symptoms of schizophrenia. The study will provide such a synthesis by providing a critical review of the current research, and computing the average effect size reported in published studies. meta-analysis was conducted. Effect sizes for the association will be recorded, along with sample size, type of abuse (sexual or physical), and symptom type (hallucinations, delusions, or disordered thoughts). Her mentor will be Peggy Keller in the Department of Psychology.

Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner is planning to research the role of contemporary architectural theory in current literature. Dr. Matthew Giancarlo in the Department of English will be her mentor.

John Walker

John Walker is working with Dr. Ken Calvert in the Department of Computer Science.

Evan Willett

Evan Willett is working with Kelly Pennell from the Department of Civil Engineering.