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Student Fellows

The following students are the 2015 Chellgren Fellows.  For previous years, use the navigation menu to the left.

Sloan Anderson

Sloan Anderson is a sophomore studying at the University of Kentucky and majoring in Biology. He plans to attend medical school after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Biology. Sloan’s research project looks at the transfer of antibiotic resistance in bacteria located in the gastrointestinal tract of farm animals via bacteria living in the GI tract of birds to other farm animals located elsewhere. His mentor on this project is Dr. Vincent Cassone of the Biology Department.

Annie Baker

Annie Baker is majoring in biology and chemistry and currently intends to go into medical research after college and graduate school, but her plans may change. Her research project uses analogs of the compound NADH to determine the path of electron transfer in the mechanism of FixAB enzyme, under the supervision of her mentor, Dr. Anne-Frances Miller.

Esias Bedingar

Esias Bedingar is a Physiology Scholar in the College of Medicine. He is researching Alzheimer's disease,specifically using a model to examine neuroinflammatory responses. He is working with Dr. Donna Wilcock in the Department of Physiology.

Drury Bell

Drury Bell is majoring in Classics and Mathematics and plans to pursue a career as a Classics professor, emphasizing ancient mathematics in his own research. His research project is translating of part of a medieval text on number theory, Jordanus’s De Elementis Arithmetice Artis, and producing along with the translation an explanation of the work using modern mathematical notation. His mentor is Dr. David Royster in the Department of Mathematics.

Curtis Bethel

Curtis Bethel is a chemical engineering major on a pre-medical track, with major interest in biomedical engineering research and any research that combines the two fields.  Curtis is unsure if he will ultimately choose to be a chemical engineer, pursue graduate school for biomedical engineering, or pursue medical school.  He has hopes that this research will lead him on a path to making this decision easier.  His mentor is Dr. David Puleo in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.  His research focuses on developing macromers that closely resemble the properties of muscle tissue and then investigating the effects of different drugs on these macromers.

Andrea Bomkamp

Andrea Bomkamp is majoring in Marketing and Economics with a minor in International Business. She plans to study abroad for a full semester with the Gatton Global Scholars Program before completing her bachelor’s degree. Her research project involves a unique look at consumer behavior. Most of the existing literature focuses on servers displaying empathy for the consumer, but her project will examine the variables which might lead to consumer empathy for servers. Her mentor is Dr. John Peloza in the Department of Marketing.

Sommer Cade

Sommer Cade is majoring in architecture and plans on attending graduate school for a master of architecture. She is drawn to architecture to solve problems in an abstract way while also combining technical and creative skills. Her research project will look at various blueprints and drawings from the Special Collections Library. These drawings and blueprints are examples of work from Frankel and Curtis, a local Lexington firm, which include many historic buildings. She will be working to digitize the blueprints and drawings to form 3d models of several projects. She will also look at various stages of the design process in order to show the evolution of these projects. This research project will work to combine architecture, archives, and historic preservation and will look to find a work flow for how the digitization of archival blueprints can be effectively visualized in the future. Her mentor is Jordan Hines, an instructor of architecture in the College of Design.

Benjamin Childress

Ben Childress is a sophomore currently majoring in Economics with a minor in Philosophy and Political Science. He hopes to pursue law school after graduation and possibly get involved with either the state or federal government. Since high school Ben has had a passion for education policy and equality for all students. His research project will observe the racial and ethnic achievement gap in Fayette County Public Schools and attempt to examine the best way to close this gap, specifically looking at the effectiveness of charter schools. His Mentor is Dr. Eugenia Toma of the Martin School of Public Policy.

Kylie Colvin

Kylie Colvin is majoring in Agricultural Biotechnology and minoring in Spanish. Her current plans are to attend medical school in the future to pursue a career in ophthalmology. The agricultural program piqued her interest because of the small class sizes, caring professors, and extremely difficult curricula that is well known by medical schools throughout the state. She hopes to integrate her Spanish knowledge into the hospital setting by eliminating the need for translators. Her research uses her knowledge of the medical field to study juror perceptions on medical malpractice. Her mentor is Dr. Golding in the Department of Psychology.

Sarah Coulson
Brianna Damron

Brianna Damron is a pre-Nursing student with the ambitions of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in either pediatrics or psychiatry.  Her interest in nursing stems from her passion for health and her desire to work with and for others.  Her research project concerns the medicalization of sleeplessness, as sleep is heavily correlated to productivity, intelligence, and health.  Her research mentor is Dr. Mairead Moloney in the Department of Sociology.  

DeAnna Duffy

DeAnna Duffy is majoring in Psychology and minoring in history and plans to attend graduate school for secondary education. She is interested in psychology because she wants to find out how children and teenagers develop because she will be working with students someday and wants to be able to relate to them. She also has a special interest in sexuality and objectification because she finds it interesting and has her own theories about this topic. Her research project looks at the objectification of women in both middle schools and college students. She will be looking at what age objectification starts and how it relates to the academic performance of women. Her mentor is Dr. Christia Brown in the Department of Psychology.

Faith Evans

Faith Evans is majoring in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience. She plans to attend medical school after completing her bachelor’s degree. She really enjoys biology and neuroscience because of the complexity of the human body. Her research project involves human heart myocytes and testing the contractility to determine the cause of heart failure. Her mentor is Dr. Ken Campbell in the Department of Physiology.

Heather Gosnell

Heather Gosnell is majoring in Agricultural Biotechnology with a minor in Violin Performance, and she plans to attend Dental School upon earning her bachelor's degree. Her research project includes creating and observing tissue cultures of osteoclast cells to determine the successes and failures of osteoporosis medication. She will be researching with Dr. Subramanya Pandruvada in the Department of Orthodontics in the UK College of Dentistry.

Jonathan Hamilton

Jonathan Hamilton is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plans to attend graduate school for a Master’s in Business Management. He is drawn to research in management due to his aspirations as an entrepreneur, and will be researching promotability in the context of a corporate merger from a social network prospective.

Nicholas Hodge

Nick Hodge is majoring in architecture with a minor in geography, and plans to attend graduate school after completing his studies at the University of Kentucky. He was drawn to architecture because of interests in cities and the built environment. His research project investigates the history of public transportation in Lexington in relation to a specific site on Winchester Road, as well as the future transportation possibilities and how they affect the population. His mentor is Dr. Richard Schein in the Department of Geography.

Claire Kellen

Claire Kellen is a student majoring in French doing a combined BA/MA and who is considering going on to earn a PhD in French, but also has interest in entering into nonprofit work and is as yet undecided as a career path. She chose to major in French because of the breadth and depth offered by a liberal arts education, which allows her to develop analytical thinking, writing, and reading skills while pursuing a specific field of interest. Her research project will be centered on her enrollment in Dr. Peter’s graduate seminar for the spring 2016 semester, FR 609: Seventeenth Century Studies, which will involve the writing of a conference-style paper (researching literary, intellectual, and cultural practices of the time and providing an original argument to contribute to the field), in French, which will be translated into English and possibly expanded upon, as necessary, for the purpose of the Chellgren research component. Dr. Peters will guide and oversee the writing of the paper, which will span the entire semester and become more specific as relevant material is covered in the seminar.

Aiko Lovejoy

Aiko Lovejoy is majoring in Foreign Language International Economics- Spanish and plans to attend graduate school after completing hwe bachelor's degree. Her mentor is Dr. Claire Renzetti, a Professor and Department Chair of Sociology. Ms. Lovejoy developed an interest in sociology in high school but has not been able to take classes at a university lever, so she sougth an oppourtunity to explore it through research. For her project, she will analyze variables in at least one of Dr. Renzettis existing data sets to explore risk factors for intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual assault (SA). Other types of gender-based agression may also be explored.

Natalie Malone

Natalie Malone is a Psychology major and Neuroscience minor hoping to pursue a Clinical Psychology graduate program with a Neuropsychology concentration after the completion of her undergraduate studies. As a participant in Dr. Susan Barron’s PSY 393 Research in Neuroscience lab, Natalie will receive a project focused on cellular and cognitive experiments exploring the effects of fetal alcohol exposure via a rodent model. The types of effects studied in the lab include, but are not limited to, learning, memory, behavior and cellular damage/death. Organotypic hippocampal cultures provide a relatively simple model to first test for novel therapeutics. It is the hope any damaging effects caused by prenatal alcohol exposure in the rodent models will be reduced by the novel therapeutics, thus providing a better understanding of some of the underlying mechanisms for ethanol’s damaging effects.

Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin is majoring in Chemistry with a double minor in Neuroscience and Spanish, and she plans to attend Medical School following graduation. She is interested in the human body and mind, and hopes to one day put everything she’s been able to learn into good use and for the benefit of others. Her research project involves Alzheimer’s research especially in adults with Down Syndrome, specifically to find out why they are more prone, along with how this disease can be prevented. Her mentor is Dr. Elizabeth Head in the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging in the College of Medicine.

Nora Mattingly

Nora Mattingly is majoring in International studies and she is working towards minors in Gender Studies, Arabic, and dance. She plans to attend graduate school for a degree in Public Administration. Nora potentially wants to work in non-profit management. She is drawn to International Studies and Public Administration due to her interest in different cultures and passion for serving others. Her research project works on coding thirty days worth of tweets that were saved onto a program after an event called the Fappening. On the Fappening, someone had hacked private photos from celebrity’s accounts and released them onto the Internet. The Fappening occurred on August 31, 2014. Her mentor is Dr. Mairead Moloney in the Department of Sociology.  

Lillian McGhiey

Lillian McGhiey is a psychology major and planning to pursue a career as a clinical child psychologist to work with inner city children. This leaves her interested in child development, specifically how parental influences affect children. Lillian’s research project is looking at the influence of alcoholism in parents and how it affects college students. She is developing a coding system for interview transcripts. Lillian’s mentor is Dr. Peggy Keller in the Department of Psychology.

Hannah Meredith

Hannah Meredith is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Theatre. She plans to teach in an elementary classroom after graduation whilst working on her Master’s degree in Library Science. Her love for theatre and desire to work with children led her to apply for the Disney College Program, which she will be participating in this spring in place of doing typical research with a professor at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Geraldine Maschio is her faculty sponsor for the DCP.

Elijah Myers

Elijah Myers is majoring in mathematics and minoring in history. He plans to attend medical school upon graduation. His research deals with the analysis of buprenorphine treatment availability in the state of Kentucky. Buprenorphine is a prescribed opioid medication that is used to relieve the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, specifically for those addicted to heroin and oxycodone. He first became interested in public health research after discovering that it is the nexus between policy and science. His mentor is Dr. Ty Borders in the Department of Public Health.

Christa Newman

Christa Newman is pursuing a dual degree in psychology and anthropology and plans to attend a school psychology graduate program upon completion of her bachelor’s degree. She was drawn to psychology, particularly developmental psychology, because she is interested in how children develop and how their biology and environment affect that process. In the future, she hopes to help children through this critical time in their lives when it comes to home life, academics, traumas and more. Her research project will likely involve the family unit and look into how the structure and family stress affect a child’s social and emotional development. Her mentor is Dr. Peggy Keller in the Department of Psychology.

Bridget Nicholas

Bridget Nicholas is majoring in Chinese and International Studies (concentration in comparative politics in East Asia) with a minor in French. In spring 2016, she plans to study intensive Mandarin in Taipei, Taiwan at the Mandarin Training Center while conducting her research project. She intends to investigate Taiwanese nationalism, student protests, and youth culture by surveying college students at National Taiwan Normal University. Her mentor is Dr. Matthew Wells of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

Aya Omar

Aya Omar is a Biology and Animal Science double major who plans to attend Veterinary School after graduating from the University of Kentucky. The goal of this research project is to obtain a better characterization of acetycholine (Ach) action and receptor subtypes in the Drosophila melanogaster nervous system. This data will then be applied toward the development of new techniques for rehabilitation of muscular injury in humans.

Christina Pistilli

Christina Pistilli is attaining her bachelors in science of biology in three years as part of the BS/MD program and plans to attend medical school in the fall of 2017. Her research project is in the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center to investigate the possibility of Benzimadazole Anthelmintics improving functional and pathological outcomes following spinal cord injury in rat models. Her mentor is Dr. Jim Geddes in the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center.

Alexander Polus

Alex Polus is majoring in computer engineering with a particular interest in entrepreneurship. He hopes to one day be involved in investments in eary stage tech companies and handling initial public offerings. By enrolling in Finance 458-Financial Management he will gain real world experience with the stock market, allowing him to make personal inquiry into trending topics in economics and entreprenuership, while engaging with a highly talented and selective class. Alex is working with Brad Jordan in the Department of Finance.

Madelyn Roeder

Madelyn Roeder is an Elementary Education major and is minoring in Political Science.  Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she plans on pursuing graduate work in secondary education and education policy.  Her research projects include investigating the effect of collective bargaining on school-level administrators and implementing interventions to increase the quality and diversity of teacher applicant pools.

Shauna Rust

Shauna Rust is majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Russia, and plans to obtain her master’s degree in International Affairs after completing a bachelor’s degree. Her interest in international affairs stems from her family’s extensive military service. Her research will focus on the similarities and differences between the perceptions of social movements in the United States and Russia. She will use her background in Russian language and cultural studies, as well as American political studies, to compare the two nations. Her mentor is Dr. Erin Koch in the Department of Anthropology.

Brett Seymore

Brett Seymore is currently pursuing an Accounting and Finance dual degree in the Gatton College of Business and Economics. He plans to attend graduate school to obtain his MBA and eventually get his CPA certification. He was drawn to accounting and finance because of his love for numbers and his interest in how businesses work. Brett’s research project will be about consumer behavior. He will study aspects such as in-store decision-making and mental accounting. Brett’s mentor is Dr. Dan Sheehan in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain.

Fox Thorpe

Fox Thorpe is majoring in chemical engineering. He is drawn to chemical engineering because of his interest in hydrocarbon fuels and energy. His research project uses membranes to separate lanthanides from coal ash. His research mentor is Dr. Bhattacharyya in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Payton Wallace

Payton Wallace is double majoring in accounting and finance and plans to pursue a career in investment banking after completing his bachelor’s degree.  He decided to pursue a career in finance because of his great passion for analysis and economics.  His research project is using observational data to explore consumer in-store decision-making.  His mentor is Dr. Daniel Sheehan in the Department of Marketing.

Brent Watts

Brent Watts is pursuing a dual degree in International Studies and Theatre with a minor in Spanish. He plans to obtain a Master's Degree in Arts Administration. His interest in the performing arts began when he was cast in the lead role of The Lion King his freshman year of high school. His mentor is Dr. Herman Farrell of the  Department of Theatre and Dance. Together they will conduct an artistic, research-based inquiry into climate change in the form of a documentary drama, alongside Dr. Farrell's Staging History class.

Sylvia Wilson

Sylvia Wilson is biology and political science major who has decided to pursue a research project outside of her majors in Psychology. Her research project includes surveying seventh graders to examine the sexual harassment and sexual objectification of middle school girls. Her mentor is Dr. Christia Brown in the Department of Psychology.