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The Honors Program


Honors Program Curriculum

The Honors Program at UK has a long and proud history, dating back to 1961, and thousands of students have passed through our program, exploring themselves and the boundaries of thought with outstanding faculty.

Global Scholars

The Gatton College of Business and Economics and the Honors Program have designed a unique international business program aimed at preparing students to become world ready.  Through an enriched curriculum, you will be ready to compete with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You will be ready to be part of the next generation of global business leaders in an ever changing world market.


Scholars in Engineering and Management (SEAM) is a collaborative program between the College of Engineering, the Gatton College of Business and Economics, and the Honors Program, accepting both engineering and business applicants. The program offers cross-functional classes and activities designed to compliment a student's chosen major.  This program produces a pool of entrepreneurial minded individuals and attractive, unique talent for potential employers nationwide.


A capstone is a formal thesis or creative project of the student’s choosing, to be directed by a professor in the student’s major department or in a relevant discipline

Honors Course Conversion

The Course Conversion process is designed for a student to earn Honors credit in a course that is not already listed as an Honors course.

Research Opportunities

The Honors Program is dedicated to cultivating student scholars at the university. To that end, all students are encouraged to embark on undergraduate research in their majors or areas of interest.

Education Abroad

The Honors Program believes that international educational experiences are crucial for students to become well-rounded citizens of the world, and we strongly encourage students to investigate opportunities through the Office of Education Abroad that can suit any major, area of interest, duration, or language immersion.

Independent Projects

The goal of the Independent Project is for the student to be able to demonstrate the ability to propose, examine and evaluate an intellectual problem in one of several modes, as well as the ability to carry out the project and present results with competence.

Journal Journey

The Journal Journey Project offers Honors Program students the opportunity to be matched with a faculty or staff mentor to keep a journal throughout the year for pass/fail credit in the spring semester of their participating year.