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David Cole

David Cole is majoring in English. He was born and raised in Wayne County, Kentucky and is an alum of the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. He has worn several hats at UK, including talk show host for WRFL, on-air DJ, editor-in-chief of satirical rag The Colonel, researcher, and podcast producer. At heart, he is a writer who seeks to combine dark comedy and Americana elements in both poetry and fiction. Outside of his creative work, David writes about the culture of video games and the people who play them for online outlets, including his own website, The Year 200X. He humbly hopes to become a voice that helps the video game industry mature intellectually and artistically. Besides all that hoopla, David is an avid video game enthusiast and collector, an amateur stand-up comedian, karaoke aficionado, and occasionally, an adventuring sorcerer or bard.