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The Office of Undergraduate Research

Students: Find a Mentor

Faculty and Students

Students: If you are a student currently conducting research, and haven't registered with our office, please do so here in order to be eligible for our support programs and to learn about other research enhancement opportunities.

The Office of Undergraduate Research can aid you in connecting with a faculty member, to help facilitate a formalized, meaningful research experience. Once the relationship is established our office provides extended support by offering : advice, training, travel assistance, research grants, and opportunities to showcase your hard work. 

Steps in Finding a Faculty Mentor:

Step 1: Register with our office: In order to be eligible for our programs, and services you must be in our database. This is a great way for us to contact you and let you know of any opportunities that are available to you.

Step 2: Attend one of our Information Sessions: These sessions are led by a peer leader or undergraduate research advisor, and will walk students through the steps involved in finding a research mentor. Dates for fall 2016 information sessions will be announced soon.

Step 3: Start a conversation with a faculty member who has similar research interests as you: This is arguably the hardest step in the process of starting undergraduate research. We are here to help you find a mentor, and we also offer advice on how to talk to them. One major resource to help you start a conversation with a potential mentor is

If you are an undergraduate seeking to find a research mentor, one proactive action you should take is registering at Once you have created a ScholarBridge profile, you wll be able to search the online system database for a UK faculty mentor. If you are already conducting faculty mentored research, please register at You must be registered to be eligible for our programs and to learn about other research enhancement opportunities.