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The Office of External Scholarships

International Conference Funding

This page lists possible sources of funding for students who are traveling internationally to present at conferences.

  • Check with the conference sponsor organization about scholarships. Visit the website or send an email to the conference sponsor organization. Often, conferences have small scholarships that cover at least the cost of registration.
  • Check with your research mentor or faculty advisor. They may be able to cover some costs, especially if the proposal involves research you have done under their supervision.
  • Your academic department may have some funds for students' conference travel. Visit the department chair to find out if any funds are available. Be prepared to discuss what you can offer in exchange for funding. For example, you might offer to present your research to other students in the department upon your return.
  • The college dean may have some discretionary funds. Write a proposal, similar to the above, and send to the office of your Dean.