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The Gaines Center

Senior Gaines Fellows

Phillip Barnett

Phillip Barnett is from Louisa, Kentucky and is a strong follower of the Christian faith. With a major in Communication and a minor in Appalachian Studies, his research interests include critical theory and film. Barnett is the Communication intern for both the UK Appalachian Center and the Robinson Scholars Program. Along with operating AppalArts Magazine, a nonprofit organization he founded along with his girlfriend Danna Spears, and doing freelance graphic and web design, he enjoys filmmaking, music composing, Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, and long-distance running.

Kevin Bloomfield

Kevin Bloomfield is an architecture major from the west coast, having spent the longest time in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kevin enjoys engaging with the community through coaching youth soccer, and participating in organizations on campus such as the American Institute of Architecture Students. In his free time, Kevin likes to build model ships and explore the city on his bicycle. Upon graduation, Kevin intends to continue his education in architecture in the hopes of combining his interests into a design practice, dealing with buildings, furniture, lighting, and anything else that piques his interest.

Jonathan Elliott

Jonathan Elliott is an economics and mathematics double major with a Chinese minor from Grand Rapids, MI. Jonathan works as the Economics tutoring lab coordinator for the Lab for Economic and Accounting Proficiency (LEAP) and is involved with Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and Greenthumb, a student-run environmental advocacy organization. He is also involved in several faculty-mentored research projects. Following graduation, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics and research sustainable economic development and international trade. Outside of school, Jonathan enjoys playing tennis, traveling, reading, playing the piano, and hiking.

Rachel Jang

Rachel Jang was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when she was twelve to accompany her mother in studying abroad. Since then, she has grown up in southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky and found her home in Lexington. She is a biology major on pre-med track. Until the second semester of sophomore year, she conducted research under the supervision of Dr. John Gensel at UK’s Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, reflecting her interest in neuroscience. For future research, she wants to explore the clinical side with heavier emphasis on psychology. In what spare time she can find, she likes creative fiction and non-fiction writing (mostly in Korean), reading, and any artistic endeavor, especially photography. She likes photography because it reflects not only the moment of capture but also the memory (history) and personality of the subject. She is deeply interested in foreign cultures, is constantly full of wanderlust, and is planning on traveling as much as she can.

Jordan Keeton

Jordan Keeton is an economics and finance major from Ashland, Kentucky. He enjoys being thoroughly involved in the campus community, exemplified by his leadership positions with the Student Activities Board, where he serves as Director of Concerts, and Alpha Kappa Psi (the professional business fraternity), where he serves as President. Jordan is an avid sports fan, and although his favorite sport is baseball, he loves nothing more than March Madness in the Bluegrass. After graduating, he plans to attend law school. 

Jacob Mattingly

Jacob Mattingly is a chemistry and philosophy double major with a minor in mathematics. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, he is involved in UK’s chapter of the Students of the American Chemical Society, a group dedicated to presenting faculty research and undergraduate research opportunities to the students of the university. Additionally, he is active on UK’s Quiz Bowl Team and in research in the Department of Chemistry. During his free time, Jacob enjoys playing his guitar, playing video games, reading science forums, performing amateur chemistry experiments, and overthinking. After his undergraduate education, he hopes to attend medical school and practice as a doctor, receive a Ph. D. in biochemistry and perform academic research, or - if the opportunity presents itself - both.

Trevor McNary

Trevor McNary is a native Lexingtonian majoring in economics and international studies with a minor in Arabic and Islamic studies. He is a member of the Student Government Association and Alpha Phi Omega and is an ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences. After graduating from UK, Trevor plans to pursue a Master’s degree in public policy and dive into the world of political campaigning. Ultimately, he hopes to work with an NGO, think tank, or advocacy group that aims to empower young people across the country politically (partly due to his own fear of aging).

Shannon Newberry

Shannon Newberry is an architecture major from Paducah, Kentucky. Currently, she is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, serves as the art manager for Shale, and is involved with the American Institute of Architecture Students as well as the Beaux Arts Foundation. In the future, she plans on attending graduate school for architecture. In her free time, Shannon loves drinking milk, attempting art, playing soccer, and learning about dinosaurs.

Stephen Parsons

Stephen Parsons is a computer science and international studies double major with minors in Spanish and physics. He is involved with Engineers without Borders, the UK Solar Car Team, and Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. In his free time he enjoys reading, biking, and camping.

Jonathan Sarfin

Jonathan Sarfin was born in Louisville, Kentucky. In his third year at UK, he is majoring in English.

Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner is majoring in architecture with a minor in English. She grew up in Louisville. Sarah is heavily involved in the University of Kentucky Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students, having served as a past chapter vice president. She currently serves on the CRITjournal editorial team and is organizing the 2015 Midwest Quad Conference, to be held in Lexington. She also does graphics & design work for Shale (UK's Undergraduate Arts Journal) and the recently rebranded UK Student English Association. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, digital photography, mixed-media projects, and occasionally soldering.

Kalin Wilson

Kalin Wilson is a biology major and psychology minor from Olive Hill, Kentucky. She plans to pursue a career as a physician and cancer researcher. Kalin works as a laboratory assistant for the Department of Biology's course in introductory genetics. She is co-founder and campus chairperson of the UK chapter of Global Brigades, an organization focused on service and sustainable development; she is also an Honors Program ambassador. In her free time, Kalin enjoys being outside, relaxing with the Shakespeare Reading Club, crocheting, and making ceramics.