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The Office of Undergraduate Research

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Find a Faculty Mentor

Are you a student currently conducting research? If you haven't registered, please do so here in order to be eligible for our support programs and to learn about other research enhancement opportunities.

A major service orchestrated by the Office of Undergraduate Research is the placement of students with established faculty mentors to create  established a formalized, meaningful research experience. Once the mentoring relationship is established, our office can then provide advice, support, and further training, as well as offer a variety of support programs to enhance the overall reserach experience.

The Office of Undergraduate Research will also hold information sessions periodically throughout each semester.  Please check back for the full schedule.

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Find an Undergraduate Protégé

We also offer training for faculty mentors, from providing articles, to PowerPoint training modules, to sources of funding for taking students to conferences.

If you are new to undergraduate research, please fill out this form to have your name listed in the faculty mentor database.

If you have been mentoring undergrauduates for a while, but still have not registered with our office, please do so here.

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