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The Honors Program

Senior Capstone

Many majors already require a thesis or capstone requirement which can also count for the Honors Senior Capstone requirement.  This makes completing the Honors Program more flexible for students in majors that have a capstone or thesis requirement, and can save you time thereby allowing you to graduate faster if desired.

A capstone is essentially a culmination of your central focus of study during your time at the University of Kentucky. It helps to illustrate how students have developed and improved writing abilities and increased depth of thought.  The capstone will look different for every student, an aspect of the program we pride ourselves on. For an engineering student, a capstone may be his/her final design project. For an art history student, a capstone may be his/her final research paper.

The Honors Program is constantly assessing capstone proposals and is eager to work with students in order to determine what will be the most enjoyable and the most challenging way to complete their Honors Program curriculum. Students can also use the capstone as an opportunity to further explore a topic that may have piqued their interest, and one that they have not yet explored in their course of study. Capstones are completed during a student’s final year and are entered into a digital archive so that students’ accomplishments may be shared with fellow scholars and professors.