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The Lewis Honors College

Global Scholars

Global ScholarsThe Honors Program and Gatton College’s Global Scholars Program are proud to introduce a formal partnership. This partnership helps to streamline the application process, recruitment initiatives, and curricular interests for students within Gatton College by allowing them to select a customized Global Scholars Program option, within the larger Honors context. In this way, students will still be fulfilling their Honors requirements, and with additional curricular requirements under the Global Scholars Program, will earn a Global Scholars designation on their diploma.

This development for the Honors Program is the first step in our mission to better collaborate with scholarly programs on campus. This initiative will also further the mission of the Gatton College by expanding scholarship opportunities, and facilitating a growing network of learners within the community.  

The Honors Program and the Global Scholars Program strive to accommodate the needs of the students and help them reach their fullest potential in a convenient and seamless way. The primary goal of this partnership is to continue to serve the best and brightest students across campus.


  • Partnering with Gatton College allows Honors students completing the Global Scholars Program to pursue a curriculum option with an international business focus.
  • Both programs working together results in more diverse curriculum options, more courses to choose from, and students can seamlessly transitioning through both programs.
  • Like a traditional Honors seminar class, Global Scholars seminar courses also have small class sizes and have lively class discussions to enhance the learning process.

Overall Benefits

  • A holistic academic program with co-curricular options, specialized curriculum, professional and leadership development, and networking opportunities for students.
  • Completing both programs will be listed on student transcripts and designated on their diplomas.

Visit the Global Scholars website for more details