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The Honors Program

Information for Faculty

The Honors Program is dedicated to bringing faculty and staff from across campus into the program to offer students instruction in every discipline on campus, both in and outside the traditional classroom. Interested faculty and staff should contact the Director or Senior Academic Coordinator to pursue any of the following opportunities for involvement within the program:


The Honors Program seeks faculty to teach Honors courses that fulfill the objectives of UKCore, departmental Honors-designated sections of courses, or travel experiences.

Mentoring Research

All Honors students complete independent research to fulfill program requirements; the HP depends on the invaluable guidance of faculty to encourage and mentor undergraduate research.

Journal Journey

The program seeks faculty and staff mentors to guide student journal-keeping for the Journal-Journey Project.

Extracurricular Support

The Honors Program seeks faculty and staff to share their academic and “extracurricular” interests with students in formal, informal, and mentoring capacities.

External faculty are also invited and welcome to serve on the HP Admissions or Scholarships Committees.