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The Honors Program

Welcome to Honors

The Honors Program at the University of Kentucky will provide opportunities for students to take challenging classes in many disciplines across the diversity of colleges at UK. While students will take Honors courses, the real benefit to being in Honors is the opportunity for a range of experiential learning. Students will be expected to participate in two Honors Experiences, which may take the form of Education Abroad, Research and Scholarship projects, Community Service, or other approved activities.

Honors Program News

UK Honors Program Collaborates with Colleges, Sees Significant Participation Increase

Since 2008, the University of Kentucky Honors Program has seen a significant increase in participants among colleges at UK. The increase is a result of the creation of strong partnerships between...

Honors Student Blog of the Week: Angela Mischke

As cheesy as it sounds, I love everything...

UK to Celebrate Constitution Week

Lovers of free apple pie and the U.S. Constitution unite: the University of Kentucky, led by the UK Honors Program and the Scripps Howard First Amendment Center, will celebrate Constitution Week...