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The Lewis Honors College

Independent Projects

Independent Projects are for students following the pre-2012 Honors Program requirements. The goal of the Independent Project is for the student to be able to demonstrate the ability to propose, examine and evaluate an intellectual problem in one of several modes, as well as the ability to carry out the project and present results with competence.

All students in the Honors Program that enrolled at UK prior to Fall 2012 may complete an Independent Project towards fulfillment of Honors Program requirements.

The Independent Project may be done with the advice of a member of the Honors Program faculty or it may be done in the student's major department to satisfy both departmental and Honors requirements. Some students undertake the independent project in a department other than their major where they find a subject of particular interest, or even combine several disciplines for a project which falls outside of departmental divisions.

The project must be an independent research project. Archival or library research, field research and laboratory research are all acceptable modes of inquiry for this project. In addition, students who wish to undertake a creative intellectual activity may ask for consideration of such activity as an acceptable substitute for research if undertaken with appropriate faculty advice.

All Independent Projects designed to meet Honors Program requirements must receive a letter grade and must represent at least 3 credit hours of work. The product should consist of the preparation of an extended paper or laboratory experiment with appropriate report, or in the case of creative projects, a form determined in consultation with your adviser.

All Independent Projects to be submitted as partial fulfillment of Honors Program requirements must be approved in advance by the Student Services Director. Students complete the Honors Program Independent Project Proposal before actually registering for the course.  Students may use an HON 395 course or a 395 course from another department to fulfill this requirement.

Students with approved proposals are eligible to apply for funding for their projects though Independent Project Grants.