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Jury Projects


The Junior Gaines Fellow's Jury Project requires the conception and presentation of a project that enhances the civic culture of a community: UK's campus, Lexington, or the Fellow's hometown. The focus may be further afield: projects enhancing the culture of communities regionally, nationally, or internationally.

The project should either add value to a community or solve a problem in a community. The object is to design and carry out the project whenever possible, or to build support for large-scale projects requiring significant, long-term community investment. Volunteering may be a part of the project, so long as the volunteer time is spent in service of the project's larger design. Projects should have specific goals and measurable outcomes; they should be sustainable (unless the project is specifically designed as a single event). Projects have been so compelling that they have resulted in real, positive change within the community.

Sample jury projects include

  • developing the Naco-Bisbee Public Health Promotion Mural Project (Naco, Sonora, Mexico & Bisbee, AZ, USA)
  • enhancing UK's internationalization by strengthening Chinese language tutoring resources
  • planting community gardens at the Gaines Center and elsewhere on campus
  • developing an after-school art curriculum and gallery exhibit for refugee children
  • founding The Diversity Project to fund a scholarship and create an internationally collaborative quilt honoring diversity
  • founding and publishing literary magazines such as Shale, UK's undergraduate literary journal in English and world languages
  • proposing and funding an expansion of a performing arts center in Western Kentucky.
  • See a list of more jury projects in the documents section below.


Our jury project is based on an idea borrowed from the College of Design where presentations before a panel of jurors are a regular part of the curriculum. The jury advises the Fellow during the research and planning stages of his or her project and then participates in its evaluation. Juries typically consist of one UK juror (a faculty or staff member), one community member not formally affiliated with UK, and the Junior Fellow's senior mentor. The Gaines Center's director of student services (associate director) also serves as a juror. A description of jurors' responsibilities and juror agreement form may be found at the bottom of this page.


Junior Fellows work on their Jury Projects for several months, making presentations of their work to their juries in the middle of spring semester. The following schedule may be adjusted; any changes will be announced during Tuesday meetings (Tuesdays 4-5pm).

Project proposals due for workshop—October 4, 2016

Jury participation agreements—November 15, 2016

Project updates due to all jurors—December 8, 2016

Project update and Presentation date & time due to all jurors—February 7, 2017

Complete drafts of written portion of Jury Project due to jury one week prior to presentation.

Jury Project Presentations scheduled at mutual convenience of Jury and Fellow(s) in the month of February and the beginning of March (can be scheduled earlier, but must occur no later than 3/03/17).