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Ben Norton

In a Zen-like twist of fate, Ben Norton is from both nowhere and everywhere (he moved a lot). His family settled outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and he ended up remaining in his New Kentucky Home, if you will, for college. As a University Scholar, he just completed concurrent graduate work on an M.M. in composition and an M.A. in musicology and ethnomusicology, and is currently a most strange hybrid sort of student, pursuing a PhD in musicology and ethnomusicology and D.M.A. in composition, as well as B.A. in film, television, & digital media and Spanish. He is a musician, composer, audio engineer, writer, web designer, and, along with his twin brother Zak, filmmaker. He is a managing editor for and contributor to the satirical newspaper The Colonel and heavily involved in ennvironmental, economic, and social justice organizations. Ben also writes columns for CounterPunch and Dissident Voice, and has a weird progressive/experimental jazz/contemporary classical/electronic metal solo project, Peculate. As an activist, he conceives of art not simply as human expression or communication but as a higher form of dissent, and hopes to take his art-as-activism wherever his life leads him. Ben is composing an opera for his senior thesis.