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The Office of Undergraduate Research

Oswald Research & Creativity Program

The Oswald Award Program is intended to promote creativity in all fields of study. The program accepts reports, of all forms of creativity, and scholarship by undergraduate students. This includes, but is not limited to: artistic and musical creations; creative writing   and poetry; and reports of studies and research in the humanities, the social, natural, and medical sciences, agriculture, business, architecture, and engineering. Any current UK undergraduate (full- or part-time) who does not already have a four-year degree is eligible for this competition and is invited to submit papers and other projects in the following categories:

1. Biological Sciences
2. Design (architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, etc.)                
3. Fine Arts (film, music, painting, sculpture, video, etc.)
4. Humanities: Creative
5. Humanities: Critical Research
6. Physical and Engineering Sciences
7. Social Sciences

Students need to pick a category that most closely aligns with their project. If you are unsure you can email our office ( for a more indepth definition of a specific category.    

Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your work.

General Guidelines

The Oswald Award Program is meant to promote creativity at it's highest level. As such, the submission guidelines are very brief and intended not to restrict authors in any way. Our office encourages any and all submissions.

Non-textual submissions

Displays (video, art, audio, structural designs, etc.) in the Design and Fine Arts categories must include a description, to be included in the registration form. The description will be printed in the program, so it is important to write something that accurately describes your work and that you would be proud to show the public. Descriptions should consist of an overview of the project and any other descriptive and/or discussion materials the author feels is warranted.

*Names and any other identifying information must be removed from the displays for judging purposes. 

A registration form must be submitted in order for the submission to be included for judging. Submissions will be exhibited in the Fine Arts Library for a week.You need to drop off your submission on Monday, Oct. 31, 2016 between 9:00AM - 12:00PM and pick it back up on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 between 9:00AM - 12:00PM. 

Textual submissions

Textual submissions (with the exception of Humanities: Creative) should include an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion (or discussion), and citations and/or notes. There is no set limit on the length; however, please keep in mind that all submissions will undergo a review process and excessively lengthy submissions will slow that process. Please try to be concise. All textual categories require a full manuscript. Abstracts and posters will not be accepted as submissions.

Projects must be submitted via the registration form. Please include a description of your project (often the abstract) in the registration form. This description will be printed in the program. It is important to write something that accurately describes your work and that you would be proud to show the public.

* Names and any other identifying information must be removed from the uploaded submission for judging purposes. Submissions that include any identifying information will not be accepted.


Awards in each category are: First Place: $350; Second Place: $200; and Honorable Mention, if applicable. Entries are judged on originality, clarity of expression, scholarly or artistic contribution, and the validity, scope, and depth of the project or investigation.

Please see below for previous winners.