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The Gaines Center

Past Breathitt Lectures

Evan Sweet, Geography and International Studies major
Slum or Settlement? Rewriting the Narrative of Urban Poverty, with a Focus on Community Organizing and Autonomy in Oaxaca, Mexico View video.

Ashleigh Lovelace - English, Arts Administration, and Art History major
Nostalgia in the Present: The "Death of Print" and a Contemporary Crisis of Communal Identity View video.

Ainsley Wagoner - Architecture major
Memory and Hapticity: Why Architecture Must Depend Upon the Common Senses

Jessica Anderson - International Studies major
Occupied Minds: An Exploration of Palestinian Identity through "Divine Intervention"

Stephanie Straub - English and Philosophy major
The Self and Other: Meaning, Identity, and Communication in Ingmar Bergman's Persona

Clinton Davis - Piano Performance major
[an]aesthetics & [de]composition: the music of the new york school

Kathryn Braun—Psychology major
"In a competition full of hamburgers, you're a steak!": American Idol and the Rise of Reality Television in the Maintenance of our Egos

Kayla Rae Whitaker - English major
"Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode': Squidbillies, the 21st-Century Hillbilly, and Animated Representations of the New Appalachian Myth

Andrew Bozio - English major
"This Machine Kills Fascists":
The German Film Industry from 1919-1934

Shayla Lawson - Architecture major
My Ancestor Antenna: Hair and Its Relation to
African-American Identity Across the Diaspora

Jordan Wood - History major
Taking on a Superpower:
A Salute to the Women of Vietnam

Jim Seaver - History and Geography major
Unmasking the Angel of Death: The Life and Work of Josef Mengele

Lindsey Clouse - Linguistics major
Finding a Common Language: Interspecies Communication between Humans and the Great Apes

Mark Wurth - Chemistry and Classics major
Mythologizing our Contemporary Ancestors: American and Appalachian Musical Identity in the Early 20th Century

Clark Case - Classics major
May the Classics Be with You: Echoes of Ancient Greece and Rome in the Star Wars Saga

Marissa Fugate - Spanish, International Economics, and Marketing major
The Day the Music Lied: Charting the Struggle for Racial Equality through American Popular Music

Kristina Talbert w Agricultural Biotechnology and Biology major
Up Close and Personal: Cultural Perceptions of Behavior, Language, and Social Interaction

Adam Breier - Biology and Classics major
External Influences on Consciousness in Ancient and Modern Literature

Kyle Norman - Philosophy major
Kant's Theory of Punishment: Eighteenth-century Answers to Twentieth-century Questions

Eric Meiners - Communications major
Nemesis: The Heart of Darkness in American Cinema