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Research Experience Shapes Undergrads

In this podcast we’ll meet two UK undergraduates who share their stories of why they got involved in research and what they gained from the experience. The first student is Courtney McKelphin. She’s starting her senior year this fall, majoring in chemical engineering. McKelphin worked at the Center for Applied Energy Research, with faculty mentor Mark Crocker and staff mentor Edwardo Santillan-Jimenez. She built a continuous reactor and looked at ways to optimize diesel fuel production by analyzing reaction rates and kinetics. The second student is Ben Childress. He’s starting his junior year this fall majoring in economics. Childress, a Chellgren Fellow, worked with Eugenia Toma at the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration. His research projected where charter schools would locate if they were established in Kentucky, and what impact that would have on education in the Commonwealth.

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