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Robinson Scholars

Advising for College Students

George Scott will service as the primary point of contact for all UK and KCTCS students. While students will be assigned a primary academic advisor prior to their first year of college, the College Services Coordinator also acts as a secondary academic advisor and primary point of resource for any student having difficulty with academics, financials, social issues, or other problems that may occur during college. At UK, the Robinson Scholars office is always open to scholar to study, meet with the College Services Coordinator, hang out, and even printing resources are available for free.


George Scott, College Services Coordinator

"My primary focus has been to create an open-door environment between the College Services Coordinator, the services I can provide, and the students. Since entering into this position, there has been an entire culture shift in the office, where students now consider the Robinson Scholars Office a lounge for them to study, interact with one another, visit on a daily basis, and simply relax. The office provides computers for students to use, and printing services are free for scholars as well. The advising service I provide is on a more personal level, giving the scholars a true feeling of connection with me, the Program, and the University of Kentucky. Beyond the appointments that are required for the scholars to make, I have an open-door policy and am always focused on what they need and try to address any problems they are having socially or academically immediately."