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Robinson Scholars

Robinson Ambassadors

Service as a Robinson Ambassador gives Scholars opportunities to serve their program and illustrate our core values. Ambassadorships are paid positions but the rewards of being an Ambassador far exceed any paycheck. Ambassadors mentor younger Scholars and build a bridge the between our college and high-school programs. They work extensively with high-school students in our Leadership program and serve as mentors for our college freshmen. They also represent our program at important functions at the University and in the region.

We have found that it is important for students to have a connection to others who understand our region and have faced the same challenges, such as leaving a small community to attend a major university, adjusting to the rigors of college academics, and seeking personal fulfillment. Often, these lessons can be conveyed much better by students, and this is why our Robinson Ambassadors are such an important part of our success.

Those interested in serving as Ambassadors for our program should contact the College Services Coordinator.