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Spears Receives the Nemo Award

Danna Spears, Class 12 Robinson Scholar and Chellgren Fellow has received the 2014 Nemo Award. Named after Paul “Nemo” Bryant a class 10 Robinson Scholar who passed away in 2011, the Nemo Award is given out annually to the scholar who has shown the most dedication to the Robinson Scholars Program, to his or her studies, and to the community.

An accounting major, Spears, is humbled to have received the award. “It is honestly one of my most cherished awards,” Spears said. “Right before the ceremony started, a couple of Robinson Scholar freshmen asked about what happened at the Start of the Semester Dinner,” Spears elaborated. “I explained that the Nemo Award is handed out to the scholar the program believes to be the most involved and appreciated, never thinking that I would be the recipient.”

George Scott, the College Services Coordinator for the Robinson Scholars Program spoke about why Spears, a native of Martin County, Kentucky was chosen as this year’s Nemo Award recipient. “Danna is someone that goes above and beyond what is asked of her within the Robinson Scholars Program. She takes true ownership of the program and consistently takes initiative with an array of different projects to improve the UK, Lexington, and Eastern Kentucky communities.”

Part of the Academy for Undergraduate Excellence within the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Robinson Scholars Program mission is to provide its students with support services and scholarship resources that empower them to complete a baccalaureate degree at the University of Kentucky.